“My family and I have been living in Norilsk for more than 20 years now.  We have had so many opportunities to look for a different life elsewhere, but we’ve decided to stay for many reasons.  We have well paid jobs, good social security services, vacations and, of course, we have beautiful memories of our marriage, our children growing up and a promising future knowing that the nickel plant is shutting down and other plants are going to upgrade with the most advance technology. Bad news? We are used to them.  For us is just part of the common propaganda, so we don’t really care.  Why should we if nobody ever ask us?  I understand if my children decide to leave the city when they grow up, but I am planning to stay here for a long time”.



“I’ve learnt that some journalists have written that Norilsk is a horrible place to live, almost like living in hell.  Most of them haven’t been in my city neither have spoken with anybody that lives here.  Or some just stay here for some days, take pictures of the worst spots of my city and then insist that the rest is just like that.   I must acknowledge that living under Norilsk’s weather conditions could be impossible for a lot of people, but I have found Home in here. And like me, thousands of people call Norilsk their home.  There are a lot of things going on in here, like the Nickel plant that is shutting down this year.  This plant was the major source of air pollution within the urban limits and its shutdown will undoubtedly improve my life quality and all the other inhabitants of Norilsk”.