Found Love in Norilsk

Found Love in Norilsk

Before I tell you my story, I’m going to tell you some Norilsk facts; Norilsk is a northernmost city on the polar circle. This means my city is really cold. We have more than 170,000 population, which is not many, but that’s a lot for a city that is so cold .

Now that you know the complications of this city. I’m going to tell you how I found love amidst everything.

I was born in Norilsk, but after I finished high school, I left for a bigger city, which I enjoyed by the way, but I missed my cold city. I missed how I used to ice-skate with my friends in deserted factories. One day, I made a brisk decision to go back and stay for some months.

Now, I was used to a more bubbly city, and I looked for ways to have fun despite the usual confinement. 

Norilsk Siberia apartments are built in such a way that you could go from apartments to apartments until you get to an indoor sport palace, or a shopping mall.  The underground tunnels are better means of transportation than walking on the cold windy street.

We organize social gatherings in our apartments and invite each other, Norilsk people are always pleased to grace social gatherings. .

Some fun loving Norilsk people like me have started an interesting experience, they come once a month and organize a night club, just like you have it in other cities.

While night club is for grownups, there are indoor facilities built to give people outdoor experience, this where you would find children cycling and running around, even during the winter.

Norilsk Russia is also a place of the intelligentsia, there are several universities in this small city, and museums and theatres. And the number of Norilsk people with university degrees is probably the highest in Siberia. Norilsk people feel a sense of contributing to build the city, that’s the major reason they have stayed back.

One day, I decided to go to the “museum night" in Norilsk  

I’m not much of a art person but I like having fun and I love new experiences.

The museum nights is like a culture festival, musicians come to one of the museums and people will come around and have fun.

In one of the nights I went, I met a guy who looked new; in Norilsk Russia we know each other.

After some glances, he decided to come to me, maybe he thought I was new too, maybe my glances were awkward.

 Found Love in Norilsk

Found Love in Norilsk

It wasn’t that after all, what he asked first was about my school, my high school. He asked if I knew him from school, well I didn’t. He then narrated how he was a senior and noticed me, how he had traveled to other countries, and he’s a photographer now, he only came home to Norilsk to capture life in Norilsk Siberia.

And then he found me in Norilsk

Our first date was in the summer. So we rented a house and had barbecues. It was different. The barbecues tasted sweeter than all the times I’ve eaten there.

After this, we decided to visit as many restaurants in Norilsk Siberia as possible.

We went to Yasen Perets, Polyana, Pogrebok, Chiakhona, Carl’s Jr, among others. We enjoyed Norislsk Siberia together. We took portraits of each other in the wind, standing against the tall snow.