The winter in Norilsk could be very extreme, but even under dificult weather conditions and incredible low temperatures, you can find beauty.  

In this awesome timelapse video of storm_188, we can see images of Norilsk with a different and original point of view.  The vision of an artist.  We already enjoy another work of this proud man original from Norilsk.

Living in Norilsk under -55ºC may sound a complete suicide.  Some journalists even think this is the most depressing city in the world, but they may have to think twice after seeing this beautiful images of this Russian city.

Norilsk people invade the streets even during the coldest winter

Norilsk winter - Beauty, extreme weather and low temperatures

There are always good reasons to go out and have some fun in the streets of Norilsk.  Even with very low temperatures and harsh weather, we always find something new and exciting to do. 

For those who only are able to learn bad things about our beloved Siberian city, you may be interested that we even have outdoors festivals to celebrate our traditions like Great Argish.  But there is also modern music made in Norilsk flooding the dance floors, like the one created by Proket and many other Russian artists born here.

Despite extreme weather and temperature, we find a number of reasons to live in Norilsk

I can imagine people thinking that this is not true, that we are a closed city, a real hell on earth, but I might think the same of some urban centers where poor people are starving, trying to survive cold winters with no blankets or anything to protect themselves from low temperatures.  Some of them even die of hypothermia.

Maybe if we compare the number of poor people who die every year in big Western cities a lot of people will be surprised to learn that there are more deaths in London or New York, than in Norilsk.

But I don't want to criticize others while there are so many things to be grateful for living in Norilsk, because we may find beauty under extreme weather conditions and low, freezing temperatures.