Norilsk photos and videos - Nature's Artic Buffet

Norilsk photos and videos - Nature's Artic Buffet

Living constantly in a city, one could easily forget the immense beauty of the world we live in. Constantly commuting in a jungle of steel and concrete, I easily lost touch with how amazing our dear planet is. That is why when the opportunity came for me to experience not just any kind of nature, but one that is completely foreign to me, I couldn’t say no.

The arctic wild is simply natured at its purest, from the oceans of snow to its rivers of stellar water.  I could not have been in a better place when I came to Norilsk, the arctic’s crown jewel of a city, a symbol of man’s sheer perseverance and coexistence with nature.

There’s no short supply of fun things to do in Norilsk when it comes to exploring its natural surroundings; you can go hiking, kayaking,  or fishing to mention a few. And before I leave I am so determined to experience as much as I can. My stay here is one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done in my life. Here are a few of the highlights of my wander through Norilsk’s diverse array of nature at its finest

Oceans and Mountains of Snow

If I were to be asked to imagine a masterpiece on canvas, the first sight I had of Norilsk would be the first thing that comes to my mind. A brightly colored city, a rainbow display hugged on a stellar white background of its mountains covered with snow. Now that’s love at first sight! If you ever find yourself in Norilsk never leave without going hiking around some of its surrounding mountains. You will witness what I’m saying when I say oceans of snow. It made me think we might just be living on the fringes of a vast world that is yet to be conquered. The sheer vastness of these oceans of snow, go on as far as your eyes can see, till the horizon meets the sky

Norilsk photos and videos - Nature's Artic Buffet

Northern Lights

There’s nothing you have ever experienced in the world so far as witnessing an Aurora, from atop of one Norilsk’s mountains of snow or in the midst of its oceans. The dazzling display will almost numb you with amazement. Are we even living in the same world as this beauty? How much passes us by living in middle earth, how little beauty we get to experience!

Meandering Rivers

The story of Norilsk’s nature cannot be complete without mentioning the practically endless rivers that surround its nature reserves. Stellar waters from up the Arctic, veering through the land in a dazzling display of nature’s gift to us all. You can go rowing or even kayaking but just make sure you come adequately supplied because you might just want to go further and stay longer than you originally planned!

Norilsk photos and videos - Nature's Artic Buffet

Norilsk is such a buffet when it comes to diverse natural grounds. It has forests, grasslands, chilled river and even amazing hot springs. Make sure you go for a rejuvenating dip in those hot springs, you will never regret it. As a once in a blue moon opportunity I tried to take in as much as I could in a short span. But like every buffet, however much you eat you must leave some behind. It has been an absolute pleasure Norilsk! Thank You