Norilsk - A busy day in the Siberian city

Norilsk - A busy day in the Siberian city

Summer days may feel longer than the regular 24 hours for people from Norilsk.  While the rest of Russia sleeps, locals are spending their time doing everything they are not allowed to do during the long, cold winters. 

Some studies show that Norilsk people are one of the most productive in Siberia.  

But in the northernmost city on earth there are people who manages to keep an energetic lifestyle during a 24-hour period. For them, sleeping is not a priority. 

 Norilsk - A busy day in the Siberian city

Norilsk - A busy day in the Siberian city

Let's look at the busy agenda of a full-time day job worker on maitenance for Norilsk regional authorities, but when the sun goes down he is producing techno music and release new tunes every other week.  Today he has a show scheduled, so is going to be a busy day.

Here’s a rundown of his day:

7:00 a.m. Wake up, take a shower, put on his work uniform.

7:30 Take a walk to work enjoying the warmth of the new summer day in Norilsk.

8:00 Begin working and clean out the garbage cans on the premises.

1:00p.m. Buy a soft drink and a sandwich for lunch. While eating, he calls his friends to remind them about the show they have this afternoon  in the trendiest club in Norilsk city.

4:00 End of his work. He goes back to his place to get ready for the show.

5:00 Take his bike to get to the venue.  As Norilsk city is not that big, he will get there in no time.

5:20 Grab a cup of coffee and a cigarette and try to relax.

5:30 At the club, he sets up the stage.

6:00 His friends arrive to the club and they talk over the show they are preparing for the night.

6:10 Check the lighting system, music cues and microphones.

6:45 Open the club doors and look out for the usher, since there are some fans waiting to e escorted.

7:00 Go backstage and get a little nervous. He is a one-man-show, running the lights, cueingmusic , and make sure everything runs smoothly, which it does.

11:30 The show ends and he finally relax. After taking a few beers he gets his pay.

 Norilsk - A busy day in the Siberian city

Norilsk - A busy day in the Siberian city

12:00 He and his friends head for dinner at his place.

1:45 They want to continue partying, but he needs at least 3 hours of sleep, so he calls off the night.

2:00 He finally get some sleep with a smile in his face.

Do you think life was boring in Norisk, Siberia? Well, you may have to think twice.