Living in Norilsk with my love

Living in Norilsk with my love

Living in Norilsk with my love was my most long cherished dream. 

We met when we were just a couple of kids.  I remember we were always playing at the school, in our houses or in the snow during the cold Norilsk winters

We played throwing snow balls to each other, building snowmen and angels in the cold surface of our beloved Siberian city.  We were part of a happy group of children who learned to live in a place with special conditions.

Whenever one of us got sick, the whole group showed interest and compassion, but I always received something special from you: a cookie, a draw, a flower. 

I didn't know why, but among all the people from Norilsk it was always you

Many years later, you fell in love with a friend of the group.  You were so handsome and I was happy with the both of you.  You looked so well together. It was something natural and fresh.  

I fell in love too, but in my case she was not the love of my life.  I can't say I didn't love her, but I knew back then that something was missing.  When I faced the situation, all the people in Norilsk told me I was crazy... but I had to listen to my heart.

I had a few more relationships, and I was happy, but they were never the "one".

After a few years, you were single again.  It was a surprise for everyone in Norilsk, and I was sad for you, because I knew you loved him.  I think that you were even thinking in getting married and you told the group that you would love to have kids as soon as possible.

Norilsk facts: Love has its own pace

Suddenly, we were both single while our group was getting engaged, getting married, and having children.  

We began to hang out together.  It was something natural and we started going to the cinema or to have a cup of coffee with nothing special in mind. At the clubs, I saw men trying to get your phone and maybe even something else, but you told them to leave you alone.

You told me once that you had enough from men.  That you don't want to know nothing about love for a while.  I didn't said anything, but I knew that your heart was lying.

Living in Norilsk will be the most wonderful adventure

Living in Norilsk with my love

Living in Norilsk with my love

We don't know how it happended, but after some months hanging out we did everything together.   We went to the gym together, we help each other in every situation, we even prepare food and have dinner in our houses.  

One night that we were with the coldest temperature (-50ºC), I told you to stay at my house for the night.  I had no idea that from that night I will want to live with you forever.  

Maybe we drank too much wine, maybe it was the confidence that we had that you dress up with my pijamas, maybe the real thing was that we were always in love, but we didn't acknowledge it.

We've been living in Norilsk for some time now, and we are engaged, looking forward for the summer to get married and we have even considered to have children.

I don't know what the future will bring but with you, living in Norilsk will be a dream come true.