In Norilsk, when we need to say goodbye to the summer and welcome the new season, we usually don't have too much time to loose, as the weather changes very quickly.

In a matter of days, or even hours, the snow covers it all in Norilsk.  It may be a beautiful for some and horrible for others, but it is always something a change that should make us think about how fast the time goes by and that we have to enjoy every second of our lives.

The video artist storm_188 made a beautiful timelapse of an autumn night in Norilsk.

In the video, you can see the changing colors of the afternoon turning into night, a magnificent green Aurora Borealis, the clear blue skies with some clouds crossing and fading silently, andenormous amount of stars that can't be seen easily in other big cities of the world.

Norilsk autumn

Norilsk autumn

Norilsk autumn night timelapse is a splendid piece of art, and the videoartist has done a terrific job combining a music with piano and chello.

Take a break just for two minutes to enjoy beautiful scenes that could only be seen in Norilsk during the autumn, combining incredible images of nature and city landscapes.