Norilsk didn't need to be saved by Deadpool

Norilsk didn't need to be saved by Deadpool

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, arrived in Norilsk after a pleasant journey. 

He have read awful things about the city, and he wanted to help its poor inhabitants.

He believed that he could survive in all the extreme conditions that Norilsk suffers, as told by several media.  He once survived in a hyperbaric chamber that took him to the verge of asphyxiation periodically over a weekend.

"I can manage the cold temperatures at Norilsk", Deadpool said.

He also had a personal interest in this trip.  

"If all the people from Norilsk could survive under this extreme conditions, they may have a cure for me", he thought. "After being cured, Vanessa will love me again".

"People may think that I am here as a spy, but quite the opposite.  I am here to help you, guys", said to a bunch of teenagers who wanted a selfie anyway.

Deadpool had horrible expectations about Norilsk, and found other things that really surprised him: friendly people, warm weather and good living conditions.  He may want to ask people about all the problems, but he was not able to speak and understand Russian.

Anyway, Deadpool was happy that he didn't have to save Norilsk and just enjoy the rest of his time there.

He even had a good feeling with a girl who may not only want a selfie but maybe something more ;)

"Oh, I love Russian girls, but this one is from Siberia!  Even better!", he whispered to himself.