Norilsk - Fun on the white snow

Norilsk - Fun on the white snow

Life without fun is like a fading flame. Soon it disappears into nothing but emptiness.

Its a beautiful day in the family, Santa will be in town very soon. It’s a lovely day with a smile on the face of everybody in the family. The cool breeze of the wind calls out to us, like a magnet, the white snow of Norilsk attracts us, time to play, an opportunity to enjoy the day. We talked about what to do, we wanted something new, we wanted a different feeling.

Lost in thought of what to do, I looked out through the window and something extraordinary caught my attention. A sculpture made from the white snow of Norilsk then I thought to myself “I have an answer.”

The time is set, the family is ready with well-laid plans on the best way to make it fun. Like adventurers heading for a journey over the mountains and across the sea, we set out to make the day count. The cool breeze welcomed us, the snow of the land dropped on our skin and soon we realized, it has begun.

Happiness filled everywhere in Norilsk as we enjoyed playing with the ice then the idea was brought forward, and competition was made out of it. Now its time to build.

 Norilsk - Fun on the white snow

Norilsk - Fun on the white snow

Art is fun. Art is creative, and art is lovely. The very first thing we did was to build a snowman out of the white snow, an experience that can never be traded for money. “Get the legs right, mold the body for me.”  we looked too serious to ever make anything funny out of our construction, but on the white snow of Norilsk, there is always something to change the mood.

Like an elder with a well grown white beard, recognizing ourselves became difficult as we were covered in snow after several series of snow war. Looking like the snowman himself, we kept on building till the beautiful work was complete.

The best you see is never the best that exists. It’s only a matter of time and how far you have gone before you discover the greatest river in a town, is the smallest stream in another.  We discovered we had only seen little of the wonders of the white snow of Norilsk.

On the frozen rocks of Norilsk exits our names as legends. Well carved out with styles, it stays outdoor glittering like diamonds reminding us of who we are, where we are from, our pride and to whom we belong.

Dressed in all protective wears, we found happiness as we made sculptures of a different kind in the city of Norilsk. The snow fell on us like dew from heaven. Ancient was the look on our faces with white beards created by white snows. We couldn't help but laugh at each other.

Leaving in the world of fantasy could be very easy but getting the feeling of reality could be a task of passing through the needle’s eye. Kids have seen several different sculptures of Santa on his chariot as he makes his way to distribute gifts for Christmas but the feeling of the reality of a shining Santa is what millions would pay to have. The bright white snow makes it different from the regular everyday sculpture, a unique one it is.

Fun on snow sculptures in Norilsk

Close your eyes, imagine a playing ground carved out of nothing but ice. Imagine kids running, smiling and having fun, imagine your legs covered in ice. Imagine the happiness you get from it, imagine a family reunion, imagine you telling tales of how you made it through several triers on a cold land, imagine you writing your name on a place where it never stops shining, imagine the beautiful land of white snow and ice, imagine the land of Norilsk. The feeling of happiness is real, and nothing could be more amazing than a day out with your family in a place where it all glows.