More on Norilsk economy

More on Norilsk economy

The growth of a city depends on a good economy, the welfare of the people is affected by it to a large extent. The economy depends on some significant factors that must always be on the positive side for everything to be in good shape. This remains the same for all cities, but the difference in its standard stands every city out. A closer look at the city of Norilsk considering these factors gives an insight into the condition of the city and the welfare of the citizens.

Norilsk natural resources

Natural resources act as a significant source of wealth to countries that have them in abundance. Norilsk has mineral resources such as copper, cobalt, platinum, palladium, and coal. This happens to be the primary source of income to the city and source of employment to many youths. Norilsk Nickel is one of the world largest producers of nickel and palladium. They also top the list of the world-leading producers of platinum and copper. Majority of industrial activities revolves around mining, exploration, extraction, refining and metallurgical processing of minerals.  Most of the income comes from the exportation and general sales of the finished metallic material.

Norilsk Transportation

More on Norilsk economy

With land transportation acting as a major barrier between Norilsk and other cities, it has become of vital importance to trust the sea and the air which is serving as a significant connection between Norilsk and other cities for the transportation of human and other materials.

The northern sea route acts as a primary source of contact through which the natural resources of the land of Norilsk can be reached and transported to other places. Sailing through the Yenisey River to Dudzinski gives locals and some other people from other cities an access of a significant km to the land (about 70km away from the city of Norilsk).

There are icebreaking carriers that travel on five- to seven-day westbound voyages to Murmansk throughout the year. One of the factors contributing to the weather of Norilsk is that the city experience three months of no sunlight in a year. During the summer season, the ships can sail eastbound along the Northern sea route (NSR) to Pacific markets, transporting nickel plates.

More on Norilsk economy

Flying over obstacles could be much more comfortable than walking through them. The Norilsk-Alykel Airport acts as a point of departure and arrival for travelers who wish to go through the air rather than go through the stress of the waters. The principal operating airlines are Silverjet, Siberia Airlines, and Ural Airlines.

Norilsk Communication

Communicating with people around the world took a new shape in the year 2017 with the development of a better internet connection to replace the existing one, which is very slow and acting as a barrier for people to view the outside world while seated in their homes. The use of a 957-communication cable laid along the Yenisei River heading towards Krasnoyarsk brought about a significant change in internet access to the city.

Other communication means such as the use of mobile phone connected to network providers are also active to make contacting people from different parts of Russia easy and even other parts of the world. Since the effect of the new fast internet service, business has also taken a new turn.

Apart from the technological way of reaching out to the world and loved ones. It is also essential to be able to communicate efficiently with people in the city especially for business purposes and other daily necessity.

Norilsk Culture

The growth of a city largely could be affected by what the tradition and culture of the land permit and rejects. If the culture of a city recognizes the worship of gods that prevent the use of technological equipment, turning the city into a modernized one could be difficult. The traditions of Norilsk welcome growth and development using the various available technical equipment. This has helped the city in rising to its current position and moving forward to a greater height.