Love in Norilsk Russia

Love in Norilsk Russia

Weather of Love

Stay in the sun, dance in the rain, smile in the snow. The condition of an environment could act as a factor affecting love, but love knows no bound. Giving even when there is nothing to take, caring when it hurts, believing when it lies. Falling in love in the cold city of Norilsk Russia is one of the remarkable experience of desire.

In Norilsk, the sun only gets to shine three months in a year. Perfect weather for lovebirds. It is the land of snow and ice caused by a ridiculously low temperature. It is one of the cities with the coldest temperature.

The Beginning

They both met at the airport in Norilsk, it was a freezing day, as usual, the snow was white, it was quiet, and the temperature was cold. It was an appropriate atmosphere for meeting new friends. Heading towards the departure with speed, he collided with her, causing her book to fall off her hands.

He realized what he has done and stopped to make things right by helping her get her book up. They both stared at each other for a while. He was speechless and all he could say after few moment of quietness was “you are beautiful” she was shocked, then he quickly changed what he said to her saying “I mean I am very sorry for what I have done, please forgive my impatience.” He walked straight to catch the flight but not without a new music of love playing in his head and the heart desiring to stop for a while and look again.

She kept on looking at the direction as he faded away into the snowing weather of Norilsk.

An unexpected experience

Love in Norilsk Russia

Love in Norilsk Russia

After few days of the experience, he was back home  at Norilsk with great desires to see her once again. Right from the airport, he started looking around, hoping he will be lucky enough to meet her ones again.

An amazing thing to know about the people of Norilsk is how well they can live in harmony with each other. Even when there is nothing else to give in return they show real love not just to each other but also to visitors from around the world. He was lucky to get someone to describe the location of her house, which he found out to be on the same street with his.

He would wait at the corners of the street for hours in the cold weather of Norilsk for an opportunity to meet with her, which he believes, would come someday.

Love indeed is patient, enduring and never fails. It was a cold evening as usual with an extremely low temperature. The weather speaks of rain, waiting like it was going to be in vain, he decided to return home when the gates of heaven became open for a heavy downpour. Running in the rain to find shelter became a necessity. It was a blessing in disguise; he raised his head to behold a figure in front of him. It was dreams come true. The feeling was mutual as they both stood in the rain looking at each other. It was a remarkable sight. Love was evident and could be felt. The journey of two lovers began right in the rain.

Courtship in Norilsk

The people of Norilsk hold a tradition that gives room for only matured minds to express agape love fully towards each other in public. It helped in preventing lost and making the men more responsible than usual. They started a journey together days after meeting, going out to enjoy skating, creating sculpture and even playing with the snow became a regular thing.

They would laugh and play, hold hands in the cold, cuddle and also sing for each other. The weather of Norilsk is always perfect for love.


Love in Norilsk Russia

Love in Norilsk Russia

The most significant moment in the life of any lady is that moment love takes a new a shape, the moment a ring is placed on that finger. The sign of seriousness and ownership for men, a day they all anticipate and wait for patiently to come.

After several months of a charming and enjoyable relationship, they made the city jealous. They have their names writing on stones where the white snows from the cold temperature of the land always make it shine brighter every day with the symbol of love all around it. He called her in the middle of the day to end the relationship after confessing he has a wife and three kids with someone else and he would love to end things the proper way. It was an utterly lonely day. The weather was perfect with the gates opened for a downpour again. She walked in the cold rain without feeling the cold, her tears were hidden in the waters running down her cheek and no one noticed.

When she approached the spot, they first met without knowing he saw him standing right in front of her. The rain was much, and her tears became more uncontrollable as she cannot believe what is happening is true.

He walked closer to her, light shined towards their path from an unseen room. Live bands began to play and the whole drama took a new turn. As she looked, away to find out what was happening, she found him on his knees saying, “the rain hides your tears but I will never make you shed any except for joy, your coat keeps you warm but becomes wet when Norilsk allows the rain. My harms will never betray you to cold, nor does my body keep any other warm but you.” With a ring in his hand, he asked, “will you please marry me” she slapped him and drew him closer kissed him and said “yes, don’t ever do these again” she accepted the ring and they both walked into the car he has prepared to drive them back home.

Joyful bells

It was a beautiful day, a day set to take her home as a married woman, a day to make the vow never to turn back. It was beautiful and glorious. They both exchanged vows and cameras kept on rolling to take pictures of the memorable moment, a moment they would both cherish forever.

The fantastic thing about the extreme temperature of Norilsk is that it gives the environment a new look with white snow all around, the mountains frozen, and the blue sky makes the background very beautiful for several photographic shoots. This has helped in giving photography a new shape in the land. The pictures where awesome. The smile and happiness is one thing words cannot explain. A stranger turning into life companions is all that could be said. They found love in the land of Norilsk.