Recently some documentaries about Norilsk had been released.

One of the reasons to launch Norilsk Live & Love was to present information directly from Norilsk, from people who actually live there, not from some who come with some prejudices and then try to convince the world that their is only one reality:  theirs.

We have included photographs of weddings, which are supposed to be special and beautify with photoshop.  I don't think any big magazine or advertising agency in countries like USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, among others, avoid using this software.

Also, we have included images from different moments of the year, as Norilsk does enjoys summer, spring and summer.  It is true that the longest period of the year is the white winter, and that we have extremely low temperatures, but I just want to remind people that this is Siberia.  What could you expect from the Artic?

 Norilsk documentary by its own people

Norilsk documentary by its own people

Norilsk gallery: from Instagram to Youtube

In order to get more fresh and updated material, we also gathered images and videos, specially from Instagram. From both, still photographs and mobile videos we have created our own documentary.  It not may be technically perfect, but it is sincere and true.

We believe that it is always a good thing to do to go to the source of information in order to have an opinion.  We already have acknowledge that Norilsk is not perfect, but it not a graveyard, a living hell neither the most depressing city on earth.

You can see a storm, beautiful dancing cheerfully and a couple clubbing.  

Maybe this kind of images are too cheerful for the foreigners looking only for sad people.

Please, enjoy this documentary, well sort of and visit our Instagram and our Youtube sections.