Norilsk Russia weather - Beauty on ice

Norilsk Russia weather - Beauty on ice

The world of beauty, a world desired by all. The land of nature, something money cannot give. Happiness in extreme condition, something we all want to experience.

Have you been to the world where it all glitters? Have you experienced the world where it all reflects? Have you had the real feeling of being cold and yet happy? If you have not, then you have not been to the part of the word where nature had offered beauty for no payment. You have not been to Norilsk.

Located above the Arctic Circle, east of the Yenisei River is a city of beauty, Norilsk. Famous for its industrial activities and extreme weather condition.

The story of ice

An industrial area it is, filled with fumes coming from industries, liquids, and so many other pollutants. Unfit for living. A place not worthy of visitation is what most people would say at first when asked about the famous city of Norilsk.

The fame of Norilsk increased when something unusual happened. It acted as a support to the famous saying “the place is not worthy of visitation.” A mystery it was, yet there was an explanation which most people never gave attention ears to.

Evil sayings, stories, and intentions spread out faster like wildfire but the world is configured to take the story of the right side of things like ice. Yes, like ice. Cold and calm, holding a tale of happiness that cannot indeed be shared until when experienced.

Like ice, like Norilsk a place with the untold story of beauty. Like the depth of the sea, only those that have been there can tell tales.

The Untold Truth

When asked a place where true beauty lies, many would talk about the heart of the oceans, the gate of an extraordinarily beautiful world of precious stones which could only be visited through the train line in the dream world. A train whose length of movement depends significantly on the rest the body can find in the deep of the night. There is a place of beauty with a known location.

Norilsk Russia. The white color of the ice glitters like precious stones from the Atlantis, the feeling of it on the skin gives an unrecorded memory of journeying through the world on a fixed position.

The Street

 Norilsk Russia weather - Beauty on ice

Norilsk Russia weather - Beauty on ice

With ice on the floor of the street, the touch of ice on windows, roofs, and doors and light from electrical sources falling on every corner of the road. Each step you take while moving, each meter you travel while driving. You find yourself covered in the blanket of beauty, a feeling of heaven coming to earth in just split of seconds. For lovers, you could feel the love in the air as they cuddle each other in the cold. Walking through the street with brightening parts, discussing future even in the present.

Norilsk Russia Weather - Frozen Lakes

 Norilsk Russia weather - Beuty on ice

Norilsk Russia weather - Beuty on ice

Everyone has at one point, or the other beheld the beauty of the silent flowing rivers, but not all have been opportune to skate on a frozen lake without the fear of being swallowed by the cold waters. Norilsk Russia presents the opportunity not just for adults but also kids to hold hands as they walk on water (frozen) thinking to themselves “ I am running on water, Jesus is calling me like Peter in the bible.”

Norilsk Weather - Nature

Norilsk Russia weather - Beauty on ice

Nothing can be more beautiful than nature in its undestroyed form but unusual is the sight of a frozen forest when you walk through it. It’s nature in another dimension. Lovely is the sound of the colorful birds singing on trees, breathtaking is the word for the sight.

 Norilsk Russia weather - Beauty on ice

Norilsk Russia weather - Beauty on ice

Looking through your windows at sunset, you could see the frozen mountains deep inside the forest with the bright yellow light from the sun on it spreading far like a painted heaven and the sky itself like a golden world making you wish you could fly.

When its morning, you get the sight of a misty mountain. For those who love adventures, one step at the top of that hill, stand with you hands wide open, look down towards earth, feel the cold natural breeze, you can be sure to forget your sorrows. This is one place with beauty and feelings that heals.

Have you ever pictured what Christmas on ice? A place where you truly see Santa with the deer and chariot moving on that white shining ice to deliver gifts to you? What about having the real feeling of it.

Norilsk. Golds are attractive, diamond is eye-catching, silver is lovely to hold, but none can be compared to the joy a second at Norilsk can bring.

Norilsk Russia, a place were natural beauty brightens the day, the home of frozen mountains and lake, a place where happiness is found in beauty. Don’t be left out of an awesome experience. Locate Norilsk, locate happiness