Norilsk Russia - Living in -20ºC

Norilsk Russia - Living in -20ºC

Extreme cold has always been the order of the day in the cold city of Norilsk. Living and surviving the extreme weather condition in a city with a temperature lower than -20°C, surviving has always been a thing of concern to so many people. The frequent question asked by people from a different city is “how do they survive in it?”

Of the truth surviving in the cold city of Norilsk has no two ways trick to it than to ensure you get yourself protected from cold as much as you can by making use of various body-warming clothes.

Most people think of the frozen land, waters, or even mountains as the primary problem. The truth is they have not lived there before, so they do not understand what it honestly feels like. The fear of the citizens of Norilsk is the wind that accompanies the cold temperature, which could be extremely strong in some cases.


For kids, their life revolves around finding fun in whatever condition or situation they find themselves. They see the snow to be a home of fun where they can make snow houses, roll, and have all various forms of pleasure. Ensuring that they are safe from all sorts of cold turns out to be a responsibility of their parents especially mothers. They ensure that the kids are well dressed in gloves, boots, sweatshirts, and cardigans, to keep them warm outside the house especially at school where monitoring them could be an impossible thing for parents.

Mothers try all their possible best not to serve the kids anything cold to avoid future health implications. Bathing the kids in the morning or even at night in most cases requires the use of warm water with windows appropriately closed to prevent the wind from outside the house from getting inside the house.


As an adult, taking care of one's self, happens to be a sole responsibility for everybody and not for somebody else to carry out on your behalf. Preventing the cold of the freezing city of Norilsk from affecting you follows the same pattern like that of kids. Those who feel their body cannot survive anything cold to bath use warm waters and just before they head out of the house, they put on clothes strong enough to withstand the winds on the street of the city. The use of gloves and cardigans happens to be a regular practice for almost everybody in the town.

Live inside your apartment

Surviving the temperature of the city inside the house could be a lot easier than outside on the streets of Norilsk. The windows of most houses are always shut to avoid winds from the outside from getting into the building. Most homes make use of heaters to get their houses heated and reduce the level of cold in the building. Unlike every other city with moderate temperatures, staying indoor in some cases doesn’t give you the opportunity to wear skimpy wears as they might not be sufficient enough to keep the body warm from the cold of the city.

Surviving on the streets

Norilsk Russia - Living in -20ºC

Norilsk Russia - Living in -20ºC

Adaptation is one of the significant features of humans. For citizens of Norilsk and those that have had the opportunity to live in the land right from their childhood, the cold of the land has become something of lesser concern to them as they know what to do at every moment to survive the temperature of the streets of Norilsk especially the wind of the land.

For foreigners surviving the street could be a bit much more difficult than they expected. The requirements for surviving the weather remains the use of all protective wear you can lay your hands upon to keep your body from getting cold at any point of the day. The mode of dressing when leaving homes are a bit much higher than that required when inside your house.

Daily activities

Norilsk Russia - Living in -20ºC

Norilsk Russia - Living in -20ºC

The cold nature of the city has not at any point put any stop to the daily activities such as visiting the mall, market and other places. Fun activities such as skating, making sculptures e.t.c has largely make the city fun to live in.


Getting in and out of Norilsk is an impossible task when it comes to road transportation and rail. This is because the negative temperature of the land does not give room for easy navigation through those means. There could also be a standstill on the sea also when the temperature gets extremely reduced making the waters to become frozen.

The most readily available means of transportation in and out of the city is still through the air. This could pose a high bill on transit than it usual or even affect marketing activities that involve the movement of materials in and out of the city.

Despite the fact that the temperature of the city is extremely low, Norilsk remains a fun and intersting place to visit.