Norilsk Russia winter

Norilsk Russia winter

Winter is that cold season anticipated by so many because so many activities are only possible during this period, especially fun related activities.

The situation of cities during the winter season varies significantly with the temperature of the city.

Winter in Norilsk city

Norilsk is one of the coldest cities in the world with temperature consistently on the negative side. The cold nature of the city gives winter a completely different look and feel compared to that of other cities.

The temperature of the town reads about -10°C as the hottest and about -50°C as the coldest.
— Norilsk

Winter in Norilsk due to extreme low temperatures is always extreme but there are so many things that could be done there during this season.

What it feels like to live a winter in Norilsk

For other cities, snowfall happens to be the peak of it during any winter season but in the land of Norilsk, the feeling and the experience takes an entirely different shape as the city turns out to be frozen. This makes most people refer to the town as a freezer and refer to living in it as living in the fridge. The winter gets so extreme, even the waters of the land become frozen, and this is one of the primary reasons why accessing the city through road is a difficult/impossible task.

Nevertheless, the city still holds extraordinary beauty, which makes it stand out during the season and give an opportunity for various other activities.

Fun during winter

During winter in the cold city of Norilsk, there are several activities to brighten up the day.

Ice fishing

Norilsk Russia winter

Norilsk Russia winter

Fishing takes an entirely different shape during winter in the cold city of Norilsk. People involved in ice fishing for either fun or business looks for the right spot to drill holes into the frozen river where they can quickly let down the hook holding the bait into the waters to catch fish of different sizes. This could be fun especially when done with friends, families, and even dogs.


For the cold city of Norilsk, during the winter season, a timeout with friends to make merry around a campfire has never been a bad idea or for once be boring. The warmth of the fire helps to reduce the extreme cold feeling on the skin, helping the body to gain more heat while singing, or even telling stories with friends and family around you.

Outing during winter

The regular temperature in Norilsk calls for different dressing to survive the extreme cold nature of the land but winter calls for something more extraordinary. Going out involves dressing in gloves to keep the hand warm and prevent excessive penetration of cold into the body, cardigans to keep the body warm apart from other clothes you have underneath the cardigan. Trousers, mostly jean are used for the legs alongside boots to prevent the legs from getting cold too. The dressing is same for both kids and adults. Mothers try as much as they can to avoid situations that involve their kids going shirtless to prevent any health implications.

The view of Norilsk during winter

Winter gives the city of Norilsk a look of beauty different from that which other towns have during winter. A view of the waters of the land during winter is like that of ground covered in nothing but completely white clothes without any stain on it. The frozen mountain has linings of ice at the base and forest is perfectly designed with free fall of white snow from the heavens, giving nature in the land of Norilsk a completely different look. A clear view of the street from your apartment during nightfall gives you a fantastic look of beauty with the lights falling on the white snow to give beauty that seems can only be found in dreamland. The extreme cold of the land provides an atmosphere that makes light pointing in straight direction look like they are moving through clouds in the sky. The daylight view is like walking on the street lined with precious stones.

Visiting Norilsk during winter

Due to the extreme cold nature of the land and the extremely low temperature of Norilsk, the principal means of transportation into the city by tourists and even citizens of the land involves the use of airplanes and this is because the waters leading to the city would be frozen at some point making it difficult to get into the city directly without going through any trouble or stress.