Elena Chernyshova, her vision of Norilsk

Elena Chernyshova owns a photo exhibition “Days of Night-Night of Day” which is a view part of the Half King Photo Series in New York City.

Norilsk was founded on huge deposits of nickel, which turned out to be her ticket to real fame. The city till date exists as the world’s biggest haul of nickel and palladium. Mining and refining activities run on a 24 hours scale in the Norilsk. This has, in turn, gave it a new identity of an industrial environment.

The city has a temperature ranging very low compared to the temperature of other places in the world giving it a completely different look entirely regarding nature and beauty. The temperature is on the negative side with the hottest to be about -10°C and the coldest to be about -55°C during the winter.

Elena Chernyshova has used every captured moment to bring out the beauty most people have failed to see through her photographic skills. Every moment she captured showed and gave a different view and meaning to the general image of Norilsk.

But also she presents her vision, that is not necessarily the vision of Norilsk inhabitants that is shown through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, among other social networks.

In the year 2011, she did so many amazing photographic work, which involved capturing the image of a building abandoned because of a damaged pipe filling it with water.

In the year 2012 some of the photographic shoot includes the picture of two young men sitting on a hillock, the image gave an incredible look of the land mixed with ice and also revealed the desire and love the people of Norilsk have for escaping to the tundra when the weather becomes nice.

The incredible picture of a woman crossing the street of Norilsk on a freezing night reveals the extent of how cold the temperature of the city could be and the confirmation of the town as one of the coldest city in the world with extreme temperature.   

The city only gets to experience sunrise three months. There is always a snowstorm about 130 days a year. This reveals the extent/level of snowfall in the city. There is always about 10 tons of snow per inhabitant fall on the city (Norilsk) every year.

In the year 2013, she captured members of the walrus club enjoying a dip in an icy lake. This is one fun activity the people of Norilsk loves getting involved in. The event always ends with a warming up at a banyan deriving heat from a nearby steam plant.

More than Norilsk is: Our vision

Pictures reflect reality of things, but Norilsk in no small extent is much more than the images captured by the talented photographer Elena Chernyshova.

One of the things to know about Norilsk is the fact that every season gives a different picture of the city. Elena did her photographic works during winter but wasn’t there to capture the city during other periods. This posed a significant restriction to the level of things revealed by her about the city.

Elena Chernyshova through her photographic works speaks visible words of a personal vision and gives a revelation of the situation of thing in places captured but the fact remains “behind the images exists lots of unseen truth.” So many things might have been revealed, but Norilsk is more than the known rumors, truth and hidden realities.