Life in a not so closed city: Norilsk

Life in a not so closed city: Norilsk

The not so closed city of Norilsk

Tourists seek to enter Norilsk because only little seems to be known about the city. Being the first to get genuine information about the land with photographic evidence could turn out to be a great achievement, as many people would want to get a copy of the write-up even for cash.

The city apart from the negative side of attraction also has some positive side of appeal, which has been revealed largely by the citizens and tourists who has succeeded in gaining entrance into the city in one way or the other.

The temperature also is something of a high attraction. The hottest temperature of the city during the winter happens to be about -10°C while the coldest ranges to about -50°C. This suggests Norilsk to be one of the coldest city in the world anybody would want to visit. Getting valuable information about the city could prove difficult due to restrictions placed on entering the city as a foreigner. This has kept the city from being really exposed to the world.

However, this has its adverse effect has only the negative news about the land seems to be flying around without anyone taking time to explain and even make known the positive parts of the city and why people should visit to see the reality for themselves.

Getting documentaries from the city as a foreigner

Though several laws where put in place which involves getting permissions from the appropriate sources before getting into the city of Norilsk. Different forms of applications are required before entrance into the city can be granted to any foreigner.

Why are foreigners interested in Norilsk?

Life in a not so closed city: Norilsk

Life in a not so closed city: Norilsk

There are several hidden positive truth about the city, which most people do not know about. Norilsk happens to be a city sitting on a massive deposit of nickel, palladium, and some other mineral resources, which has earned the city fame on the positive side.

The town happens to be one of the largest producers of nickel in the world.

Every tourist interested in making a name for getting a full documentary of the reality of the event would do everything possible within their capability to get into the city not just to write the stories but also to get photographic evidence.

Hearing the news of events can never be compared to experiencing the event in reality. The extreme temperature of Norilsk is something that has been publicized by those who had the opportunity. Some write-ups such as “life in the freezer” happen to be one of the numerous ones revealing how extreme things can get when it comes to temperature in the city of Norilsk.

Learning about this has, in turn; increase the desire of foreigners to have a feel of the city in reality. Talking about the fun aspect, the revelation of things that could be done during different seasons in Norilsk has also increased the desires of adventurers and fun lovers to want to visit the city.

Entering the city as a foreigner remains that you have to go through appropriate channels, write necessary applications to enter legally but the reality remains “no city has a single entrance,” but only those who know the way can navigate it easily.