Norilsk in my heart: Horoscopes

Norilsk in my heart: Horoscopes

During my life I've met so many different people in Norilsk.  I am not an horoscope fan, but some times knowing the zodiac sign of someone could help to understand better a person.

Virgo - Norilsk

Virgo is the most self-sufficient of all the signs of the zodiac. She approaches most of the relations with an analytical, almost managerial position. Virgo automatically keeps most people at arm's length, until they are sure that they can be trusted. She is not the easiest person in love. In order that a Virgin loves someone, she must weaken her protection and open, which is not peculiar to her. As soon as she does, she will show her amazing side.

Scorpio - Norilsk

Scorpio is a queen / king who does not know what he wants. It is cold, then hot, so it's hard to calculate. Scorpio can be incredibly depleted, which is why he leaves the relationship so quickly. While Scorpio does not mature emotionally, he will not be ready for a real relationship.

Sagittarius - Norilsk

Sagittarius is an energetic, impulsive and freedom-loving sign of the Zodiac. In a way, this makes him an interesting partner with whom he will never be bored. But, on the other hand, he almost never stops at someone or something. He is in constant movement, in search of new adventures and adrenaline. It is difficult for him to stay in one place horrible in order to remain immobile, just to exist. And this is not very conducive to relations. Sagittarius will feel that he found his soul mate only when she can keep up with him.

Aquarius - Norilsk

Aquarius is a secretive person. He is not inclined to open and let people into his world. Complicates love for Aquarius and the fact that he always keeps a distance between himself and most people. Aquarius needs a person whom he really can trust and feel comfortable, being vulnerable to fall in love and fall in love.

Capricorn - Norilsk

Capricorn is a practical workaholic. And, although reliable and responsible employees emerge from them, it also means that they approach all relations as a business project. No partner wants to feel that he is being examined under a microscope, weighing all his pluses and minuses. Capricorn needs to learn how to trust your heart as well as your head to find true, reliable love.

Twins - Norilsk

Gemini is indecisive and overly emotional. Although, to some extent, this can make communication with them tedious, but it also means that they love with all their heart and believe in what they feel. When the Twins love, they all delve into it. They give all of themselves to their partners. Such love and affection can frighten, but this level of vulnerability is not available to everyone.

Lion - Norilsk

There is no sign that is as dynamic and exciting as Leo. Leo is incredibly independent and self-confident. Therefore, it is important that the partner of Leo realized that he does not need you. He so beckons to himself that it is impossible for them not to get carried away. The lion is a bright and sparkling star of the evening, it's no wonder why everyone loves it.

Aries - Norilsk

Active, exciting and passionate, Aries will make his partner the center of his world. He will give priority to his chosen one and will do everything possible to be for him all. He will support him and provide a strong shoulder when the partner will need it. Who can refuse this attitude?

Norilsk in my heart: Horoscopes

Taurus - Norilsk

There is no sign more faithful and steadfast than Taurus. When Taurus loves someone, it will be a long time. He is selfless and devoted to the one he loves. Taurus does not hide anything, remaining extremely honest with his second half. Devotion and fidelity of this kind are extremely rare, so when you find such a person, do not let go.

Libra - Norilsk

All that Libra wants is for everyone to be happy and happy. This applies to all people on Earth, especially those they love. The scales will do their best to make sure that their partner is happy. They are easy to love, because they give you a bright and incorruptible feeling that you want to give a hundredfold.

Fish - Norilsk

Pisces, perhaps, is the greatest loving heart among all the signs of the zodiac. They deeply feel every emotion, and it is not difficult for them to express what they desire and what they want from people they love. The fish put the cards on the table. They do not hide anything. They pass through fire, water and brass pipes, returning to the one they love, and such love is what you experience once in a lifetime.

Cancer - Norilsk

Cancers are super-caring and sensitive natures, who love unconditionally. They know how to forgive and be patient. They are the ones you can always count on at any time of the day or night. Cancer perfectly illustrates how love should look. And, in turn, how we all need to love each other.

Which is your zodiac sign?

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