Be my love in Norilsk, in cold weather and low temperatures

Be my love in Norilsk, in cold weather and low temperatures

Make me cold when it’s hot, put me under your umbrella when it rains, show me you care when the situation doesn’t warrant it. Say sweet words to me when my heart hurts, dry my tears when it runs like a river. What would you do for me when it’s all frozen, will you cuddle me when it moves from cold to freezing? Would you share your bed and your blanket when it’s unbearable? Would you share your body as a sign of love in the freezing city of Norilsk?

Feeling on the ice of Norilsk, Russia

People fall in love in mysterious ways, that’s an actual truth, only experience can accurately prove. Some found love on the warm street of the Latinamericans, some, at the cold pools and rivers in Australia. Some at the park of the city of a town, some on-air where they shared coats to survive the temperature of the air.

Ours happened to be unique. Sail the length of the deep blue sea finding love. You’ll find the story of Rose and Jack of the Titanic more unusual than yours but ask for the dance of love on the ice and you will hardly hear a response from anyone around. Yes! Love on ice. This could only happen in one place, the frozen city of Norilsk.

The cool breeze calls for hearts to be joined together, the warm embrace of two lovebirds lasts longer than the wildfire set in the Amazon forest. Solid hearts melt for love, pure love like the shining ice of the street with several colors falling on them. Love stole mine on a cold Friday, a day I would live to cherish.

Watching the white snow fly covering the frozen street of Norilsk, I could not help but think of you, my love. All I could ask is when are you coming home, but the silence of the street struck my heart, not even a response from my love, all I could behold is the white ice of Norilsk, born out of a freezing temperature.

 Be my love in Norilsk, in cold weather and low temperatures

Be my love in Norilsk, in cold weather and low temperatures

Memories of love in an extreme temperature

I walked alone on the street, turning towards the east, there it was, the place we first met. How lovely it was, a fantastic day I could never forget for silver nor diamonds. Memories kept rolling in. I could remember how we danced on a frozen lake, traveled on an adventure to the frozen forest where we danced to the rhythm of love songs. The same day I found comfort in his warm hands than the fire.

My hands are stretched out to embrace my love but all i could hold  is the cold breeze from the frozen city, rivers, mountain, and forest.

The kiss of Happiness

Returning to my home, hoping to find comfort when I embrace my pillow with the thought of him on my mind, and the hope of his return soonest than I have imagined, I looked to my right, I found two lovers smiling at each other. My lips became wet with no gloss hot enough to keep them warm. My hands became cold with no one to hold and make them warm. I soon found myself shivering, my heart growing frozen. What could melt and keep it warm from the freezing temperature of the Norilsk? I found no answer than my loving prince charming full of love. He has the smile of an angel, his embrace keeps the body warm than the furs of million bears combined.

I thought to myself, today is not the day i hold him once again in my arms, today is not the day we kiss and smile, today is not the day we feel the love laying, today is not the day I get free from the cold penetrating into my heart.

From the corner of the street, I thought I saw a figure but said to myself, it’s just an imagination. Turning towards the direction of the door of my house, I felt the warm embrace of him, holding me from behind. I felt the hair on his arms as my heart longs for him and my body can’t wait for him to keep me tight. I quickly recognized him and turned to look at his face. Here he is, my prince charming, I couldn’t wait for him to utter any word, my lips quickly found warmth lucked in his and my shivering body gained confidence and calmness held by my true love. The frozen street felt warm, his love brought me out of the freezing arms of Norilsk. Happiness filled my heart as we made our ways to the house, he saved my feet from becoming cold as he carried me on his shoulders.

Though the city of Norlsk is freezing, with love hearts are warm.