I want to live in Norilsk

I want to live in Norilsk

Norilsk, Siberia that is mostly being criticized as “Hell on the earth” hardly needs any introduction but only a few people know that Norilsk is bliss for photographers and culturists. There are a number of exciting things to do in the city; from historical sites to cultural attractions, you can find dozens of attractions.

Norilsk Architecture

I want to live in Norilsk

I want to live in Norilsk

The architects have taken the considerable measure of fascinating ways to deal with the architecture of Norilsk, Russia. For example, Saint-Petersburg-style curves on Bogdana Khmelnitskogo road, heavenly places as "Alley of beloved" and "Island of romanticism". Outstanding amongst other sightseeing is a "Kissing bridge", a place where the newlywed couple stays for a while to make their marriage bonds more strong and make the strong bases for their family life.

The houses are fabricated opposite to the snowstorms that blow here from October to May. Extending for two kilometers, closed in the Saint Petersburg yard-wells, seem to be the plan of architects to provide protection against snowstorms.

Norilsk Religion

While talking about the religion of the Norilsk people, the first noteworthy place to be mentioned is a mosque that is northernmost Muslim prayer house in the world, built in 1998 by the community of local Tatar. Moreover, you will also find Russian Orthodox cathedral, a Ukrainian Orthodox church, and several Russian Orthodox churches.

Interests for tourists

A tremendous region secured with tundra lies directly behind the city. From the bridge over the river, you can see an astounding scene: far bare mountains, little lakes, and a dark forest with white birches. Practically every lake in Norilsk district has a tourist camp on its shore. Among these tourist camps, the most beautiful one is tourist camp of Norilsk Railway, as it is a kind of piece of the south on the north with a sand beach. There is additionally a delightful waterfall and high Red shakes in 40 minutes away by foot from Talnakh. There are extraordinary Lama Lake and "polar woods" arranged in 80 km far from Norilsk, Siberia. In addition, don’t forget to try local cuisine, enriched with all kinds of tundra such as fish, berries, meat, and mushrooms etc.


I want to live in Norilsk

I want to live in Norilsk

Nightlife is an important aspect of Norilsk life. Throbbing with vitality, marvelousness, and allure, the nightlife in Norilsk is an expedition into the heartland of clubs and partying spots. The Norilsk brags of a wide array of bars, clubs, and discotheques. The nightlife in the city is dominated by dancing clubs and lounges.

A significant number of the clubs have live bands performing prevalent international tracks! Nevertheless, nightlife in Norilsk isn't tied in with partying only; you can likewise go to a theater or enjoy a film at one of its cinema halls.

Well, Regardless of whether you want to experience Norilsk life for a brief timeframe or short, you certainly will understand this is a city of contrasts: in summer, the sun never sets, in 2 winter months it doesn't ascend at any part of the day. However, the Norilsk people like many who are the residents of Northern Siberia, accept their life with pride. You can find many hunters and anglers among Norilsk people as water tourism; mountain tourism and tundra tourism are very common here.

Last but not least! However, the snowy landscape can be a kind of barren life, but still, there is a life that flourishes above these covers of snow in Norilsk, Russia.

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