Norilsk Crazy People

Norilsk Crazy People

When you hear of the city of Norilsk Russia, due to the misguided media the first things that come to your mind is an isolated part of Arctic Russia with no roads or train routes and the region that undergoes the severest winters but the other side of the picture tells another story. However, Norilsk is the city occupied by beautiful landscapes with some amazing historic buildings, but what really makes Norilsk astonishing is its crazy people who are deeply in love with their city.

At this point, most of the people would be wondering that how Norilsk people get a feel for life with extreme climate conditions in the world, in beyond those normal temperatures and extended periods with no daylight. Being human, it’s our nature most of the time that we judge the book by its cover and the same thing has been applied to Norilsk, Siberia instead of taking the time to really understand this city.

Norilsk People Knows How To Beat The Extreme Living Conditions

The residents of Norilsk, Russia have found ways to make their professional, family, and personal lives meaningful and satisfying! Since it is in our nature to transform our surroundings and make them as enjoyable as possible with what we have available and that’s what the Norilsk People do. Therefore, even because of those harsh living conditions, the city has a population of 170,000 residents in which 60% of the population is involved in the industry.

Summer And The Norilsk People

Norilsk crazy people

Norilsk crazy people

For the two months when it's not cool, a genuine northern summer arrives the city of Norilsk, Siberia. It doesn't keep going long, however, it's hot, very nearly 24 degrees. Local people take kayaks onto the Kharelakh waterway. They fill a bushel with oranges, cloudberries and enjoy sunbathing in tourist camps build at the shores of the river. When the sun is out picnics, barbecues, sunbathing, and swimming is organized.

People With Great Moral Values

Having a good sense of humor, Norilsk people spend a great part of their time during polar on reading and carrying out hobbies, and skiing in the mountains. Skiing amid the polar evenings, when the entire sky is lit up ablaze can be a great fantasized adventure. Moreover, due to the reason that there are not a lot of places to go out, the tradition of having kitchen parties and spending much more time to communicate in person is still alive.

Norilsk Kids

Norilsk crazy people

Norilsk crazy people

Kids are permitted to play outside just under specific conditions of being wrapped up properly to defend the cold weather but mostly they have to spend their time inside. Therefore, there are vast closed spaces that are intended for them, so they can enjoy few of outdoor activities like cycling etc. even in the winter.

Norilsk and the “Walrus” club

Quenching is done in order to adapt to the cold in Norilsk, Siberia is. There is a “Walrus” club in Norilsk where people swim in outdoor ice-holes regardless of the temperature and to keep themselves warm after swimming, Norilsk people use small saunas that are heated with steam from the power plant.

Well, apart from the extremely cold atmosphere in Norilsk, Russia, there is another magical atmosphere that exists among people who live in Norilsk and it is the atmosphere of affection that is recognized only by those who live there.