Don't close the city of Norilsk to my love

Don't close the city of Norilsk to my love

The true lover

Julian, an incredible woman, is a foreigner that has dreamt of nothing but getting to see the amazing wonders of Norilsk in reality. She is a fantastic photographer with love and great passion for photography. She spends her time trying to capture amazing wonders of nature and presenting them in the best form to people from around the world. Julian knew about Norilsk through one of the most popular events that brought the city to fame before she started learning about the amazing wonders of the Siberian city.

Amazing things

Julian realizes that Norilsk is one of the most blessed cities in the world when she learned about the huge deposit of nickel under the city. 

The city of Norilsk holds one of the largest available nickel in the world, which made it a very popular industrial city from which the world get minerals, which they lack. With the passing of each day and the unveiling of reality about the city. The love of Julian for the city of Norilsk kept on growing daily. She always wants to know more about the city and has great desire to capture fantastic moments in the land in terms of documentary.

The temperature and its reality

Don't close the city of Norilsk to my love

Don't close the city of Norilsk to my love

When people talk of Norilsk, they are always quick to mention how cold and freezing the temperature of the city could be without making mention of wonderful things the weather of the land has made possible. Information like this one got to the public through some of the foreigners who have made entry to the city at one point or the other to get information about the city.

Julian learned about how you can go ice fishing in the city of Norilsk when the day seems to be becoming boring. She learned about the amazing sculptures that could be made out of the white shining ice in the land. She got to know about the family picnic and the making of the bonfire when friends come together to play during the cold winter. Her love and her desire to witness life in the city of Norilsk kept on increasing on a daily basis. A dream she cannot wait to make reality kept on bordering her heart.

The people

Love amidst brothers, sisters and even neighbors are one of the key things the world requires to becoming a better place. She learned about how the traditions of the land are in great support of helping each other to become better on a daily basis without any negative attraction or price to pay. She has not heard so much love before. Even without gaining any entrance yet, she feels loved by the people she has not seen but only imagine in her head.


Don't close the city of Norilsk to my love

Don't close the city of Norilsk to my love

Passionate photographers are always crazy about the amazing shape nature could take and how they can capture the moment before it fades away. Her love for photography and nature is very much profound and so is her love for Norilsk. For this reason, she has always thought of a day of nothing but photographic shots in this Russian city.

A point to realize

Human nature reflects both positivity and negativity. The heart of all can never be the same and this should not be a reason for one to suffer the pain of another. There are those who love without refraining or holding back anything. The city of Norilsk is amazing and loved not just by only the citizens but also foreign tourists who seek a place of unique beauty for their adventures and even holidays. The gate of the city should open because of the true love people have for it.

For people who exhibit true love for the city like Julian, the gate of the city should open to receive them for all they have to offer and to express is nothing but an unreserved love for the fantastic city of Norilsk.