Warm Norilsk city with love

Warm Norilsk city with love

It is winter, thought of a place but found my heart attracted to the city I love. I thought of Norilsk. It was warm here when I departed from the land where it is just me and my lonely self, seeking comfort and happiness.

The Arrival to Norilsk

I found myself at the arrival of the airport welcomed by the cool breeze from all around me. I smiled and said to myself “welcome home.” I beheld the white snow once again. The cold has not changed a bit neither has the people turned away from their loving ways of life. The tradition remains the same. They still extend helping hands to each other as much as they could without expecting anything in return. With my bags, I headed toward the park to join the transit when I found a man heading towards my direction. We walked together towards the park and talked like brothers on our way to our respective homes about Norilsk.

The Journey

On our way, we talked about life outside the city and how much how heart craves to return to the place we belong. He talked about his lovely kids here in Norilsk and his lovely wife. He talked about his experience with the nickel industry where he is working and how proud he is of the city of Norilsk.

Within my heart, I can picture an exciting moment yet to be revealed to anyone. I looked out to the street as we journey towards our residence. “Norilsk is beautiful,” I said it aloud even before realizing it. It was time to alight from the bus to take a walk down to my house. I left the bus with a smile on my face as I bid him goodbye and good luck.

The Unexpected

Warm Norilsk city with love

Warm Norilsk city with love

Dressed up exactly the way I should, expecting the cold of Norilsk would never be funny I started walking towards my residence which is not too far from where the bus dropped me. On my way, I met with few friend I have not seen in a long period. I stopped to say hi and discuss few things with them before finally hitting the road to my house.

At the doorstep of my house at Norilsk, there were white shining snows as expected. I pressed the doorbell expecting someone to open up to me when I heard the tiny voice of a small lady saying “Who is at the door?” I gave no response then she said, “Hold on, I am coming” she opened the door. Filled with excitement she shouted, “Mummy it's Daddy.” She jumped on me as i grab her with my both hands and there was no sign of Norilsk cold in me anymore.

My beautiful angel rushed out of the building to welcome her love. It was a big family reunion. We could not help but laugh and smile at each other with lots of experience to share. We entered the house discussing several things. We talked about how cold and lonely it became without the presence of each other.

How we survive cold in Norilsk

Many people have researched about our lifestyle, the things we do and how we have been surviving the amazing temperature of Norilsk. Some people concluded it is all in the clothes we put on. Wear the proper clothes and surviving the cold will be a piece of cake. The fantastic and unnoticed fact about how the temperature has become a part of us remains the love we share with each other.

Warm it up

The temperature will always get cold, the cold will always affect you but there is always a way out. In the cool of the evening, I found myself shivering because of the cold from the temperature I have not experienced in a while. My little girl walked into the sitting room to keep me company. She came to sit on my laps with my sweetheart seated next to me. She placed her head on my shoulder; the love in the room was obvious. The cold was nowhere to be found within minutes it was all gone. All I could feel is the warmth of their embrace and love.

When it gets to the extreme, when it gets funny, when it gets freezing. Your blanket may not be able to hold you down but the love in your heart even when the presence of your loved ones is not there will always keep you going. All you need in the city is love and not blankets or heavy clothes. When you cannot take it anymore, warm it up with your love and it will all be fine.

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