More about Krasnoyarsk Krai

Talking about the large cities in the world, one would quickly imagine places like China, The U.S and lots more before thinking of Russia in most cases. The Krai, a Russian federal subject with the administrative center in the city of Krasnoyarsk. The city of Krasnoyarsk happens to be the third largest city in Siberia holding nearly half the Siberian federal district. The size of the Krai stands it out amidst all other Krais in the Russian Federation. It turns out to be that the Krai is the largest Krai in the Russian Federation. The Krai is the third largest subnational governing body regarding the area in the world. It constitutes about 13% of the Russian Federation’s total area covering a significant area of approximately 2,339,700 square kilometers.

Located in the middle of Siberia is this Krai and of course with extreme temperature. The temperature of the city varies to a large extent with long winters and short, hot summer. The temperature ranges as low as -36oc in the north and -18oc in the south. The temperature is a bit fair in July with +10oc in the north and +20oc in the south. One moment people of Norilsk Siberia enjoys the most due to the fun activities is when it snows. This is something that happens early November until late March.

More about Krasnoyarsk Krai

More about Krasnoyarsk Krai

The location of the Krai is so fantastic that it also stands in the basin of the Arctic Ocean with a significant number of rivers flowing through it. The major river is the Yenisei and its tributaries.

Building cities take ages especially the great ones. In 1934, Krasnoyarsk Krai was created after the disaggregation of the West Siberian and the East Siberian Krais.

Pride of the land

Every city has one thing or the other that does not only generate income for it but also act like something it glories in and derives pride from. We refer to them majorly as natural resources because they exist freely in nature. The Krai happens to be one of the wealthiest regions amongst the numerous present in Russia. This is a blessing to Norilsk Siberia, as it happens to exist in that part of Russia. The Krai hold about 8% of the country’s nickel, 70% of its copper, 75% of its cobalt, 16% of its coal, and about 10% of Russian gold which is one precious resource comes from this part of the country. Due to the natural endowment of Krai, extraction and mining activities became one of the major industrial activities there. The major industries in the region happen to be oil refining, chemical, energy, forestry, and non-ferrous metallurgy industries. Employment is to some reasonable extent available to the people of the area due to the availability of these industries. Apart from the minerals already listed above, more than 95% of Russian platinum and platinoids exists in the Krai. Financial industrial groups are also available in the region.

Life in the Krai

More about Krasnoyarsk Krai

Thinking about the condition of living or lifestyle of the people in the Krai, some certain necessities are considered. One of the significant things that determine the wellbeing of the people in any place is power generation. Being very close to the Yenisei River, Krai happens to be one of the most important generators of electricity in Russia. Two most powerful hydroelectric plant in Norilsk is present in this region. This has to a large extent influence/affect the availability of industries in the region, as industries tend to survive better in an area where there is stable electricity supply.

Accessing any region is very important not just for movement but also for business transactions with other cities and areas. The Trans-Siberian Railroad makes movement largely very easy for people in the region especially when it comes to transporting materials that cannot be easily carried through road networks.

Availability of various transportation options in Krai has helped in reducing congestion regarding transportation significantly. Good highways are available for road transportation for those who for one reason or the other prefers traveling by road than using the train system. The availability of water as boundaries shows that reaching some cities cannot be done by either road or rail but through the sea, which calls for the use of ship and ferries. The temperature condition in Russia generally could be extreme, giving birth to situations whereby the sea becomes frozen at times, and the air turns out to be the only way out when it comes to transporting things in and out of the land. The good thing about the Krai is that about 26 airports including international airports are available.

Education has always been and will still be an essential thing to the life of any individual. The Krasnoyarsk happens to be the site of the Siberian federal university, which is one of the four largest educational institutions of Russia.

Krasnoyarsk Krai is a beautiful place of amazement with lots of exciting things making it significant not just in Russia but also in other countries.