Fly To Me, Fly To Norilsk

Fly To Me, Fly To Norilsk

Wrap up yourselves in a blanket as we are going to take you on the journey of immense spread desert of snow present at the edge of the world in northern part of Russia located above Arctic Circle. The place where the endless region of snow and ice is just hindered by the dark trunks of trees, which look as if they have been drawn by the pencil on a sheet of white paper. Yes! This is the journey to the world’s second-largest, northern-most city Norilsk, Siberia.

Most people complain about winter in a European countries because of the cold icy morning and the shortest dark days but there is a land on this planet where the residents endure an average temperature of -20º Celsius that sometimes even falls up to -50ºCelsius with two months of complete darkness (Polar Nights) in winter.

However, still, the people of Norilsk don't appear to smile less than individuals in any other part of the world. Norilsk possesses the largest nickel deposits on Earth. Therefore, mining and smelting ore are considered to be the major industries.

Norilsk is the center of a region where nickel, cobalt, copper, palladium, platinum, and coal are extracted.

Norilsk, The Closed City

Norilsk is also known as the closed city because there are no railways, no roads leading from the mainland, Russia to that city. Therefore, it’s impossible to plan your travel by ground though travelers might sail the river, 70 km away from Norilsk, but the time where there is snow all over, the Air communication is the only mean left.

Fly To Me, Fly To Norilsk

Fly To Me, Fly To Norilsk

Norilsk Airport

Alykel airport that is the largest airport in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, serves the city of Norilsk and is located in the 35 kilometer west of Norilsk city.  Being constructed in 1964, it offers 24-hours operations. The length of its runway is 3.4 km (6,000 by 150 foot), which is capable serving medium-sized airliners. The airlines work together mainly with Russian airlines "Taimyr", "Nordavia", "Transaero", "Ural Airlines" and serves thousands of passengers a year.

Services Offered At Norilsk Alykel Airport

Alykel airport offers travelers a full range of services and comfort services. There are a few lounges, luggage packaging area, a left-luggage service, information display for the convenience of passengers to be aware of all the fundamental data about arriving and outgoing planes. There is also a bank, post office, a medical Centre, café, and restaurant. You will also find an Orthodox church that is open to the faithful. For passing through the boarding door, travelers have the option to either walk through the boarding bridge or they can use a bus that drops them to the airplane.

Fly To Me, Fly To Norilsk

Fly To Me, Fly To Norilsk

Special Services For Disable Ones

For the travelers with disabilities, there are a different set of services offered like, health workers support if they need and specialized car, bathrooms that are specially equipped for their ease and a separate rack to move in a wheelchair or stretcher.

Business Class passengers

Business class travelers are facilitated by providing extraordinary room space where they can use their office equipment like laptops, the facility to watch TV, free Wi-Fi, and more... Well for the ones who are waiting for their flight as weather conditions are not good sometimes for flight and it can be delayed, there is a comfortable hotel at the airport where they can stay at ease.

Heading to the City

There is an organized and functional transport available outside the airport by means of buses and minibusses "Gazelle", whereas you can avail the service of Urban taxis as well to reach the city where the hospital people of Norilsk would be waiting to warmly welcome you.

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