From Norilsk with Love –The Beauty of Siberian Wedding

From Norilsk with Love –The Beauty of Siberian Wedding

Your wedding day is termed the most important day of your life. A day where two young and loving individuals turn to an audience of family and friends, exchanging vows and making a lifelong promise of spending their lives together. Weddings in the Siberian city of Norilsk Russia are far from ordinary. If you’re not afraid of the cold, then saying “I do” in a destination above the Arctic can turn into a simple yet romantic notion. Let’s glance over the beauty of a typical Norilsk Siberian wedding.

The Betrothal ceremony

The Holy Archangel Gabriel church, where most wedding ceremonies take place. It is an Eastern Orthodox Church, which hosts two parts of a Norilsk Siberian wedding: The Betrothal and the crowning. Most of the weddings take place in daylight, night weddings are rare to be found. In the church, the couple to be married stands at the entrance, waiting for the priest to bestow his blessings and grant the couple candles to be held throughout the ceremony. The priest says two short prayers, after which the couple exchanges blessed rings. The rings are to be placed on the right hand. This is followed by the couple’s betrothal, which consists of a prayer blessing.

The significance of the placing of crowns

Unlike most other weddings, the symbol of marriage in an Eastern Orthodox wedding is the placing of crowns on the couple’s heads. This practice is termed as Crowning. After this proceeding, the couple is led by the priest to stand on a brand new piece of rose fabric. This symbolizes a new beginning. The couple then testifies in front of guests and the priest that marriage is being done at free will and not under any force or pressure. After this, crowns are placed on the heads of the bride and groom by the priest. A cup of wine is shared amongst the couple, the start to a new life. The couple’s joined hands are next tied with the priest’s stole and then the couple is made to encircle a lectern on which the Gospel is placed. It is a representation of the couple’s wedding pilgrimage together.

Rospis v Zagse- a civil ceremony to remember

In a Norilsk wedding, after every traditional ceremony, each couple must take part in a civil ceremony, held in the department of public services. It is here that the couple is greeted by loved ones with bread and salt and then declared husband and wife. It is also here that the final exchange of rings takes place. Important aspects of this ceremony include the breaking of crystal glasses for lifelong happiness and the releasing of balloons or white doves for eternal love.

Norilsk weddings have a charm of their own. Traditional Siberian weddings are beautiful and simple, while some may also tend to add their own special touch with themes. Just like most other weddings around the world, it’s all about celebrating a lifetime of togetherness and allowing loved ones to witness the biggest day of your life.

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