Getting Ready For My Nikkah; The  Norilsk  Muslim Wedding

Getting Ready For My Nikkah; The Norilsk Muslim Wedding

Setting up her silk hijab is the last thing a Muslim Bride would do while getting ready for her wedding. The elegance of bridal abaya maxi and groomed look completes her grace where the hijab is the cherry on the top, welcome to the mesmerizing Norilsk life!

One of the most important aspects of any Muslim wedding around the world is the Nikkah ceremony. Nikkah is the name given to an event where a marriage contract is signed between the husband and wife. This contract is declaration of marriage in the eyes of the Islamic law. The Nikkah must take place amongst close relatives that serve as witnesses of the ceremony. Once the Nikkah is performed, the couple can now be referred to as husband and wife.

The Nikkah is obligatory in all Muslim weddings around the globe and Norilsk is no exception. Let’s take a closer look at how a Nikkah is performed in a Norilsk Muslim wedding and how it differs from others carried out across the globe.

The significance of Nikkah in a Norilsk Muslim wedding

Just like most other Muslim weddings carried out in other cultures, the significance of Nikkah in a Norilsk wedding carries great importance. The event must be performed with great care and accuracy. Many people refer to the aspect of Nikkah as a tradition but in reality it is not. It is an essential part of any Islamic wedding and for this reason should be planned well ahead of time.

If a couple wishes to get married and spend the rest of their lives together in harmony, then it is compulsory upon them to perform the Nikkah. If it is not performed, their marriage will not be considered as valid.

The Betrothal ceremony

It is an age old custom in the traditions of Norilsk to perform a Betrothal ceremony right before the Nikkah. The reason behind this is that the couple can express their emotions and suitability for one another. The wedding hosts then carry on with the usual wedding rituals, offer to arrange the union, and also sit down with the couple’s parents and select a suitable wedding date. The wedding proposal must always be registered with the Registry Office called ZAGS.

The day of the Nikkah

The day of the Nikkah is considered to be an emotional one, especially at the bride’s household. This is because it is the last day spent with parents before leaving for her husband’s home. After registration is complete at the Registry Office, the couple leaves for the mosque where the Nikkah will be performed according to Shariah or Islamic law. After the performance of the Nikkah, the couple is declared husband and wife. They must now lay flowers at certain historical monuments. It is now time for the couple’s wedding celebrations to begin, as the couple heads towards their hall.

Most of the Nikkah ceremonies took place at the Nurd Kamal mosque –the gorgeous building standing tall at the edge of Modern Norilsk. Its turquoise walls sneaks from the Norilsk snow and the polar winds swirls around its golden roof.

The couple is showered with blessings, presents and affection by family and friends. The evening comes to an end with good food, after which the couple heads towards the groom’s house for their final stay.

As can be seen from the facts above, Nikkah is a vital component of every Muslim wedding in Norilsk. For this reason, all couples should understand its significance and prepare for the Nikkah in advance. Only then shall their marriage be accepted and considered lawful.