Living the Dream in Norilsk

Living the Dream in Norilsk

Contrary to many people’s views and beliefs, the Siberian city of Norilsk is actually one of the most fantastic places for individuals to live in. Located far off from the hustle bustle of the world, this Russian glory is a mystery yet to be unraveled. From tiny cottages and little cafes to the well-maintained urban blocks and historical landmarks, this place truly serves the fascinating landscapes of Siberian beauty, Norilsk is nothing short of fascination. Let’s take a closer in depth look at the majestic city we call Norilsk.

Norilsk: Russia’s most cleanly laid out city

Being home to a great number of inhabitants, the city of Norilsk can clearly be labeled as Russia’s most cleanly laid out city by miles. The thought process behind the city’s architecture goes to architects from St. Petersburg, who designed the city in the early 1950’s. While driving through this beautiful city, one can clearly view some of the finest examples of mock- classical architecture. With that being said, many similarities can also be drawn to St. Petersburg. Buildings five to eight stories high are a common sight to be seen, majorly built of pre-built panels, especially in the main street at Lenin Prospekt.

The pride and heartwarming souls of the citizens of Norilsk

Despite the numerous stereotypical perception put up about the city, the citizens of Norilsk carry hearts of gold and passionate souls, defying all odds against them. The people of Norilsk tend to spend the majority of their time at work in enclosed areas. The citizens’ rest at home in apartments and when it comes to recreational activities, the shopping malls and centers for recreation are the best of them all. There are numerous cafes, coffee shops and restaurants where the citizens meet up for a quick bite. There are also a few clubs and pubs for all those who search for nightlife, with timings that extend beyond midnight.

Festivals galore at Norilsk

Norilsk hosts a number of festivals for its citizens throughout the year. The arrival of summertime is welcomed with picnics, right before the occurrence of an outdoor festival. It is here that competitions such as rock climbing and canoes are held for local citizens to participate in. To celebrate temperatures dropping to freezing points, an ice swimming club that meets at ice holes in the outdoors is thoroughly enjoyed by locals. This is followed by long relaxing dips into steam heated saunas.

Norilsk and its love for sports

With weather conditions reaching extremes at certain points in time, the citizens do not fail to stay active and healthy throughout the year. Sports are very popular, with champions reigning in the fields of gymnastics, skiing, figure skating and swimming. Norilsk offers a great number of facilities for its citizens to enjoy when it comes to sports. Ice rinks, gyms, swimming pools, and football fields are just a few of the many examples.

A place renowned as the northernmost city of the world, Norilsk is nothing short of fabulous. The surreal decayed charm of Russia’s second largest city is undeniable. It therefore comes as no surprise as to why every citizen carries a heartwarming and welcoming presence when encountered.

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