Norilsk –The Siberian Beauty beyond Bounds

Norilsk –The Siberian Beauty beyond Bounds

Norilsk is the name given to the city located about 200 miles above the Arctic Circle. This area has no ground connections with the rest of the world, putting it into complete isolation. With a geography and climate like no other, it comes as no surprise that this city with its 200,000 plus inhabitants has continued to thrive like no other. Today, the modern day Norilsk is populated by welcoming and hardworking citizens, supported with solid infrastructure and the determination for a more prosperous tomorrow.

When it Rains in Norilsk –The captivating Aura of Nature

Norilsk people spend the majority of their time indoors during the winters. But with the arrival of the summer season, locals set off to the tundra via long walking trips. These inhabitants have a unique bond with nature. During the winter time, they aim to tame the cool breeze while during the summer; they set out to explore virgin areas located in the Tundra.

It’s not uncommon to find Norilsk surrounded with majestic landscapes, giving your eyes a treat to remember. Snow capped hills and calm blue lakes are a norm. Being present on the Siberian western plateau, the city sits on the captivating Putorani Mountains.

Norilsk is also home to a number of beautiful lakes whose presence can’t be denied. The Dogleg Lake lies at the foot of Norilsk. The rest of the city is separated from the industrial zone area through this lake. In other words, it is a source of recreation like no other. The legendary Lama Lake is another glorious fascination for the locals in Norilsk. It is here where they find peace and serenity, organizing parties and barbeques in the summer time.

And when it rains, you’d love the aura! The clear water sprinkles down like pearls and the city resembles like an artist’s canvas where colors strokes brighten up everything. Summers at Norilsk is surely a treat not to miss.

The glory of the Northern Lights enchanted the Norilsk Sky

We all know that the Northern Lights are a treat to witness but just imagine not having to go anywhere to get a glimpse. Norilsk people are the luckiest to witness the gorgeous nature colors and enjoy the Aurora Borealis lighting up the skies with immense fascination. Shades of blue and green flashes, lasting for a mere 40 minutes are a breathtaking event to look at.

The mesmerizing natural beauty of a place like Norilsk is hard to be forgotten. The welcoming spirit of locals, all set to embark on a journey of a lifetime is probably one of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of this trip near the Arctic.