Wedding-The Biggest Day in Every Norilsk Girl’s Lifetime

Wedding-The Biggest Day in Every Norilsk Girl’s Lifetime

It’s no surprise that every Norilsk girl dreams of her wedding day since childhood. The thought that surrounds Cinderella marrying her prince is so surreal. The fantasy that revolves around a picture perfect wedding is beyond words. Walking down the aisle, exchanging vows in front of family and friends and embracing your partner for all of eternity is part of the excitement for the big day. Many women find themselves actively participating in the arrangements for their wedding, well before their partner shows up. So what’s the ultimate reason women in Norilsk fantasize about their big day? Let’s take a look at a few conclusions we’ve drawn to help answer this question.

Queen for a day

Being treated like royalty on the day of your wedding is a fabulous feeling. The honor, pride, and thought of people complementing your beauty and cherishing your existence are just a few of the many emotions a Norilsk bride gets to experience. It’s like a brief moment in time when the world stops for a second to recognize your presence and existence.

It’s the signal for her “happily ever after ending”

Every fairytale has a happy ending and for many Norilsk women out there, the wedding day is what actually symbolizes the perfect end. In essence, her happily ever after begins at that point in time, where her partner takes her away to a new place.

The day where she will flaunt her utmost beauty

For the average Norilsk woman, there will rare be a day where she can look as beautiful in a gown as she does on her wedding. By the time the big day arrives, she will have toned herself into perfect shape, just the way she had imagined. Hair, makeup and wardrobe will be nothing but perfection. The world will stare in awe and admiration as she enchants the audience with her radiant beauty.

Graduation into life’s next stage

Marriage is similar to making a transition and this transition carries immense value in the Norilsk culture. It’s the symbolic representation that young adulthood has come to an end and a new phase in life is about to begin. Changing from Miss to Mrs is like giving yourself a new identity to the world.

Getting the stamp of approval in front of the world’s eyes

Finding your soul mate is an easy task by no means. Dating can be a tough and exhausting journey. Once you’ve found that special someone, all the effort will seem to be worth it. Embracing your partner in front of an audience full of people is like a signal to the world that yes, you’re worth it and you’ve been chosen amongst all others.

The wedding day is a day like no other. It’s a day every Norilsk girl dreams of. A day where every woman shines and accepts the promise of love, devotion and companionship of her husband. It’s no wonder that the wedding day is given the title of the biggest day in every girl’s lifetime.