Norilsk, Siberia, Russia: No jacuzzi? No problem

Norilsk, Siberia, Russia: No jacuzzi? No problem

The beauty of life is defined by the level of happiness you achieve. The happier you are, the more beautiful your life will be. If you want to achieve the highest level of happiness in your life, then you should take a visit to the city of Norilsk, Russia, in Siberia.

Fun is the other name that defines Norilsk. The photo of these three men and the fine lady is a perfect example of the kind of fun found in this part of Siberia. This is what we call “creative fun” and you can only find it in this city of Russia. Where in this world can someone think of having a portable jacuzzi in the back of a truck? Well, such creativity is only possible in Norilsk. Its amazing how these fun loving people made a small pool in the back of this truck.

Another interesting thing that we can pick from this photo is that they even have a camera operator taking pictures of them. Regardless of the day of the week, people here take fun seriously to an extent that they would rather create a jacuzzi inside a car than missing fun.   

This is just a tip of the creative fun activities that you can expect to witness in the city of Norilsk. The good thing is that you can be part of all these fun by just visiting the city and engaging the fun loving people. A quick tip that will help you is being social in nature while in the city for the people here are fun loving and enjoy company of fellow fun lovers.