Norilsk people: Making new friends

Norilsk people: Making new friends

What I really love about Norilsk is that you can make very good friends among the people who live there... and from other creatures that live among us ;)

It happened to me that I was in our way to Norilsk and this white fellow appeared to say "Hello!".

We were all delighted with the visit of this new friend and say "Hello!" to him as well.

Polar bears are part of the Siberian fauna and this is one of the things I love most working in this part of Russia.

We both look great at the selfie!  What do you think?

Bring a Polar bear into your life
Bring a Polar bear home to your wife
It’s your fault they’re losing their land
Now Polar bears need a helping hand
So bring a Polar bear, into your home
Before they have no where else to roam
It’s your fault they’re losing their ice
But they shouldn’t have to pay the price
Driving your car has implications
On the whole Polar bear population

Bring Polar bears back to your place
Open your arms to a polar embrace
It’s your fault they’re losing their ice
Though they hate to be so precise
Polar bears now have expectations
They’re going need your invitations
Unlock your door and say congratulations
Or maybe they will take reparations
Or give them their own Polar bear nation
Or maybe build Polar bear reservations
— Jeff Walker