Ten Signs Your Soulmate is a True Norilsk-Russian

Ten Signs Your Soulmate is a True Norilsk-Russian

The feeling of love and being in a relationship is like no other. Taking the time out to get to know someone and then falling for their personality and looks is a natural process in our everyday life. Love has no boundaries and if you happen to choose a soulmate of a different ethnicity, life gets real interesting. Today we are talking about Norilsk people as soul-mates.

We have enlisted our top ten picks for the typical signs that make your soul mate a true Norilsk Russian. Let us take a look. 

You can either be a nobody or the love his life

Despite belonging from the cold Artic region, Norilsk Siberia aren’t so cold blooded after all. Beneath that tough shell of theirs lies an individual with passion and true romantic spirit. Believe it or not, the literature says that once a man from Russia falls in love, there is really no looking back on life. However, those who believe in love at first sight and settling down as possible are in for a reality check when it comes to Norilsk people. If you’re an outsider from a different country, take the time out to get to know him, in case he plans on cutting you out of his life completely. Both these options are possible.

It won’t take you long before you’ve met his mother and grandmother

Once you have entered into the picture, it will be no time before you’ve met his mother and grandmother. Even if they have to cross half of the world to meet you, they’ll do it. Oh, did we mention, the bundles of praise they shall rant about their beloved son.

The statement “going back to his place can have double meaning”

In case he has mentioned to you that he’s going to take you back to his place, you need to think of either of the two. Firstly, he’s going to guide you into his decrepit dormitory and secondly or you’re headed to meet his parents. This is because most Norilsk Russians don’t have the financial resources to meet their needs of a home.

In case you’re getting drunk, you’ll soon be offered a girl drink

Despite our alcohol centric culture, most Siberian girls do not fine it appropriate to drink outside gatherings. It’s termed inappropriate and so if you’re on the verge of getting drunk, expect something classier like champagne or a can of ginger ale.

Valentine’s Day is just another day that comes and goes

You’ll soon observe that Valentine’s Day is so last year according to your Norilsk Russian boyfriend. In case you’ve missed celebrating this year, there’s another one coming up soon in the upcoming year.

Every single expense will be paid for

Female superiority does not exist for Norilsk men. Despite the fact you’re earning more than your soulmate, he will still have you covered. Even if that means doing two jobs for more Rubles.

He will always escort you all the way literally

Russian men love to escort their female counterparts. Even if you’re in the middle of a blizzard and have to cross the street to your doorstep, rest assured he will by your side.

Enrollment into military school is a punishment for those who slack

If your soulmate is slacking off at school and not worried about passing his exams, rest assured he’s well aware about being dumped into military school. This is because in Norilsk, healthy men of ages 18 and 27 who don’t care for relatives and aren’t involved in higher education, one year of military service is mandatory.

Swearing in Norilsk is forbidden

In case you plan on swearing in the Siberian language, think again. It’s just a Norilsk thing that men do not prefer their women from using abusive language, even if their own tongues are dirtier.

Holding hands is just too mainstream

If you’re walking besides your Norilsk counterpart, don’t expect him to hold your hand. Most Norilsk men prefer their partners to latch onto their arms instead.

The above signs are commonly observed in the Norilsk people. Knowing about them from beforehand is a great help towards avoiding any awkward situations as a couple.