A Joyful Wedding Affair:  8 Norilsk Russia Wedding Traditions that Stands Out

A Joyful Wedding Affair:  8 Norilsk Russia Wedding Traditions that Stands Out

The biggest day in any individual’s life is considered to be their wedding day. From walking down the aisle to the exchange of vows, the components that make up a wedding are numerous. Different countries around the world celebrate this joyful event in a number of unique and fascinating ways. The combining of two separate identities as one in the Norilsk Russian customs is definitely one to remember. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the common Norilsk wedding traditions that turn a wedding affair into one of great fun and amazement. Let’s take a look.

Obstacles all around

If the wedding wasn’t as hectic as it is, there’s more pressure on the groom in Norilsk weddings. The groom must pass through an obstacle set up by the bride’s family and friends, making it a challenge to reach her. The obstacle is set on the bride’s stairwell to the groom. The obstacle course can include quizzes, rapid fire questions and challenges that must be performed, only then can the bride be escorted away.

Separate cars for travel

In order to reach their first destination, the bride and groom must travel in separate cars. This is despite the fact that the groom has collected the bride from her home.

In the eyes of the witness

For the civil ceremony to actually be performed, the bride and groom must bring along their respective witnesses. They usually entail the bride and groom’s closest relatives and best friends.

A shower worth remembering

After all legal formalities have been performed, the fun now begins. The bride and groom leave the legal office with their respective loved ones outside. Here, the couple is showered in a unique style using chocolates, rice, coins, flower petals and butterflies. This is done for good luck as the newly wedded couple makes their way back to the car.

Leaving with a mouthful

Before saying their goodbyes, the couple is forced to take a big bite. You may be thinking cake but no, it’s a large mouthful of bread with salt. There’s also a cute superstition attached to this tradition that states the person taking the bigger bite will be the one with the more dominating role in the relationship. In other words, the person wearing the pants in the relationship.

Assigned roles

The reception for the wedding is handed over to the bride and groom’s close friends and relatives. This means each person is given their specific role and it must be done with great perfection.

Camera and shoots

Moments like weddings are known to be kept in memories forever. For this reason, the couple spends the next few hours in a photo shoot at Norilsk’s most iconic and historical sites.

Kiss that lasts forever

Another quirky tradition amongst the Norilsk people involves the toasting of bitter champagne. To make the unpleasant taste of bitter alcohol sweeter, the couple is instructed to kiss for as long as the couple can, while the guests participate in counting the time the couple is involved in smooching.

With traditions like these, there’s no surprise that Norilsk weddings are a treat to be a part of. With complete involvement of the hosts and guests, a wedding affair like this will be remembered for generations to come.