My Wedding Experience, Norilsk is Just the Right Place

My Wedding Experience, Norilsk is Just the Right Place

Just like any other Russian city, Norilsk has long winters and short summers. My experience in this city is just marvelous. Despite the cold climate, people here are very warm. My interaction with people always reveals the colorful side of Norilsk city.

The climax of the city’s beauty was during my wedding. I had one of the best wedding experiences a person can have. Everything I needed for my wedding was readily available in the city.

As a flowery city, Norilsk has numerous flower species with varied color options. My color option during my wedding was purple. It is easy to get a bouquet of flowers in Norilsk.

I chose to have a garden wedding here in the city of Norilsk. This was my preferred option because of the green nature of gardens. The garden was neat and well trimmed.

I did not complete my wedding story in the garden. We proceeded to Norilsk Town Cultural Center. This was our chance to learn more of the city’s history. It was a fun moment that we cannot forget.

Our connection with nature in the city was also an exciting experience that made my wedding a success. The ambiance in the city is just so amazing making it perfect for weddings.