The Lifestyle of Norilsk People

The Lifestyle of Norilsk People

There’s no surprise that the Norilsk people are one of the kindest hearted and fun loving individuals on the face of the earth. Passing by the streets of Norilsk, you’re bound to be greeted by big welcoming smiles. The Norilsk people also know how to enjoy themselves and have a great time with both indoor and outdoor activities. So what does the average lifestyle of the people in Norilsk Russia consist of? To help answer that question, let’s take an inside approach into the Norilsk lifestyle.

The Norilsk love for Books and Theatre

The entire Russian nation is one that takes great pride in its system of education and Norilsk, being a part of Russian territory is no exception. The love for books and reading cannot be denied. On average, Norilsk people purchase at least 5 to 7 books per month. The people in Norilsk also possess a passion for theatre and drama. There are a number of areas in the city where theatre plays are staged for locals to enjoy as a form of entertainment. Cinemas on the other hand are becoming more and more popular, with a number of recent ones being opened at different localities in the city.

Norilsk people and their joy in giving back to the community

The Norilsk Siberia share an inner drive to help give back to those in need as well as offer their services to the community. This unwavering community spirit is at an all time high amongst both the youth and the elderly community. The system of volunteering exists just as much today as it did in the past.

The Norilsk people push for Non-individualistic culture

The power an individual possesses in Norilsk Russia is less compared to the value an individual has in the West. The majority of deals and decisions are pushed through family and other acquaintances. If you want things to work in your favor, you need to keep contacts with those in power as it makes a big difference. In short, this is the main reason Norilsk people have so many friends.

 The Lifestyle of Norilsk People

The Lifestyle of Norilsk People

Religion in Norilsk

When it comes to religion, the majority of the Norilsk people consider themselves as Christians. They belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. Religion is given satisfactory significance as many locals believe in the power of horoscopes. Church is attended for candle lights and offering of quick prayers. On the other hand, the uniformity between all the religions is the base of Norilsk lifestyle. From the sacred temples, the Nord Kamal Mosque, the Orthodox Chapel, to the Holy Trinity Church, every person is treated with hospitality and equality.

The healthcare and education system in Norilsk

Healthcare and education is free of cost in Norilsk. Getting a degree is a common finding amongst the population, who are considered to possess great intellectual and creative abilities. After all, the Russians are considered to possess the highest education in the world. A number of languages are studied and due to a great number of cultural facilities, the city’s general knowledge of citizens is great.

The Norilsk people give great importance to morals and values. They are sincere, cordial and understanding individuals who live a life being proud of their heritage and upbringing. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the lifestyle they live is one of great modesty and discipline.