Norilsk Siberia: Living our love under the blue skies

Norilsk Siberia: Living our love under the blue skies

Let's start by saying that we are in love, deeply in love.

Secondly, I have to say that Norilsk skies are the best in Siberia.  I know that they are not the bluest, but they were there when we first met and are still here when we are finally getting married, like silent witnesses that gently cover us all.

We all know that the weather here changes dramatically, from a pleasent summer to the coldest winter, but our hearts will remain the same, shining through every circumstance, through the streets of Norilsk City and beyond.

If anyone is looking for two people who really love each other, look no further, as they may find us easily in Norilsk.

It may be Siberia, but our hearts and our minds are as strongest and as true as those from anyone in the world.

We are in the north of the world, but we are in the right in the middle of our love.

Don't hesitate to look for us, we are here, in Norilsk, Siberia, for you.