Norilsk Siberia: I am getting married!

Norilsk Siberia: I am getting married!

- Hello.

-Yes. It's me.  Are you in Norilsk?

-Hey, Yes, I am in Norilsk.  Could we...

-Long time no hear.  How is everything going?  I have so many things to tell you.

-Well, actually, I also have...

-Don't say.  I asume that is freezing in Siberia. Isn't it?  Last time I was there the temperature was -20ºC.  How can you stand it?  I mean, we are from Russia, but this is too much, even for us!

-Listen to me.

-Ok.  I am listening.  You always say that when you want to be taken seriously.  Remember that time when you want to broke up with...  What was her name?


-Yes, Anna.  Well you told her that you were heading to Norilsk and that you didn't want a long distance relationship.  She freaked out!

-Yes.  I know.  But the thing...

-The expression in her face said it all: "Norilsk? To Siberia? Are you nuts?".

-Well.  Now is time to really listen to me.

-One sec.

-No. Shut up now!  Shut up and listen!  


-I am getting married!  Today! With Anna! In Norilsk!


-Yes.  Siberia is not that bad, once you get used to it.  I love Russia and I love Norilsk and I love Anna.


-Thanks!  Bye.

"Sorry", to the bride. 

"Yes, I do", to the bride.