Norilsk Russia: You keep my heart warm during the fall

Norilsk Russia: You keep my heart warm during the fall

Seeing the summer ending isn’t easy in Norilsk, Russia, You, my dear, know it well. Your hands are always freezing and so was my heart. Luckily now you have someone who is always warm.

My man is the cool new guy in town, but he only pays attention to me. He comes from the south, but he is always cold.  He loves fall, but he loves me more... and I will stay with him no matter the season if the year.

Other people from Norilsk watch him disapprovingly, because he has to accept his new reality, but since he arrived to town, he’s only paid attention to me, and everybody knows I love attention.

He has always been a bit naïve, so they don’t understand why he is hanging out with me, but everybody in Norilsk know now that we are ‘special friends’ and he seemed like he means it.

A few months later, he’ll be sitting in a nice restaurante, thinking about how we will soon start our own family when he will place one of his big hands on my shoulder.

Norilsk Russia: You keep my hear warm during the fall

He will wrap me with his arms and fits his head under my chin, “I think I want a big family.”

“Actually, now that I think about it, I already have a big family in Norilsk: You. You keep my heart warm… I think I want you for life.”

He kiss me and says. “Lying with you all the time in Norilsk sounds like a good plan.”