Norilsk - May the Force be with you

Norilsk - May the Force be with you

"The force is strong in Norilsk", said Lord Vader just minutes after landing in the airport of this city of Siberia.

People from Norilsk were astonished with the presence of the lord of the Dark Side.  

He was curious about how life is in Norilsk during the summer, as he was told there was always snow and freezing temperatures.

"No black snow, no Ewoks... I have a very good feeling about this", said Darth Vader.

Norilsk receives Darth Vader

Norilsk - May the Force be with you

Norilsk - May the Force be with you

Many things seemed to have pleased Lord Vader during his visit to Norilsk.  Without the Empire guards, he walked freely through the streets and seems to enjoy the colourful buildings and how people just mind their own businesses and let everybody feel welcome.

"People from Siberia don't understimate the force", he said just to explain how people from these part of Russia live peacefully and remain focus on the important things in life.

Norilsk, the perfect setting for a lightsaber duel

Norilsk - May the Force be with you

"When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master", whispered Lord Vader and take out his lightsaber to practice in one of the main companies in the city.

He looked around and saw nobody ready for a fight.  No Obi Wan, no Luke, not even Leia.  After a few moments, Darth Vader turn off the lightsaber and gave a deep breath only in the way he can do it.  Everybody around him listened and tried to keep working normally, but they were kind of anxious, maybe because they were expecting lightnings summon from Vader fingertips. 


People may not know it, but Lord Vader has been trying to control his anger, but he is not always succesful.

The biggest difference between the light side of the Force and the dark side is how they use their space magic, right? Jedi ignore or suppress their emotions, while Sith use anger to fuel their powers. Also, the powers are slightly different: The light side focuses on tricking people by attacking their mind, while the dark side has Force lightning.

Darth Vader shows his new social skills in Norilsk

Norilsk - May the Force be with you

Norilsk - May the Force be with you

Lord Vader is not that much into selfies, but he agreed to pose with a few lucky people and take a picture with them.

"It is pointless to resist", he said.

What we don't know if he was smiling or not, but that doesn't matter as the force is with Norilsk as Lord Vader himself acknowledge.