Love isn't a joke in Norilsk

I will always remember the first words you said to me: <<Hi! I’m the handsome one of the group>> you smiled as though you were making fun of me and you didn’t believe it yourself, but in that moment I couldn’t think of anything being as true as what you just said.
We were at the Yapi Bar, right at the Leninskiy Street, two blocks from where I grew up. Norilsk has many bars, but you and your friends had to walk in the same day my friends and I went out.

Luckily for me you already knew some of my mates, you know it as well as I do, Norilsk is like a big town, so you came straight to us and after we all greeted each other we decided we should sit together.

You made me laugh every second of that night and since then I couldn’t be happier spending as much time as I can with you. You told me that the first time you were in an elevator, here in Norilsk, you were pushed and that has wrong in many levels, only thinking about it still makes me smile every time, you are always so silly.

I love how you always keep me smiling

And that is what I love about you, you can always make me smile, even when I’m sad or I am crying, because you will wipe the tears form my face, and anything you say will invariably make me feel better, even when we have to say goodbye to the sun for a few weeks, here in Norilsk.

Love isn't a joke in Norilsk

Even if I will probably not know everyone in Norilsk, I am sure glad that I met you.

And now we are at last getting married, and I can’t believe that I’m with the most special, funniest, handsome guy in all Norilsk, I could spend all day counting the freckles from your cheeks and I would never be bored, because I would be with you.