Norilsk - The St. Petersburg of Siberia!

Norilsk - The St. Petersburg of Siberia!

Located above the Arctic Circle, Norilsk is a magical destination like no other.

Norilsk Russia is considered as the St Petersburg of Siberia due to the reflection that the area portrays with its grand architectural background and intricately designed churches, extending throughout the city. Home to a number of industrial organizations, outdoor sports and recreation centers and historical monuments, unraveling the beautiful mystery that surrounds Norilsk Siberia is a journey like no other.

Norilsk’s strategic location and general overview

Norilsk Russia is considered as a closed city due to its strategic location above the Arctic Circle. The city is present 90 Km east of the Yenisei River and south of the Taimyr Peninsula. The capital of the region is Krasnoyarsk and the current population status estimates to about 180,000 people. Norilsk is famous around the world for its complex of enterprises consisting of mining and metallurgy.

Norilsk - The St. Petersburg of Siberia!

City features of Norilsk Russia

A city of serene Siberian beauty and natural landscapes is a feature of magnificent glory. The Norilka River flows nearby and the Norilsk Mountains are located at the foot of the city. The weather and climate is pleasant throughout the year, with winds displaying a breeze most of the time. Norilsk people are warm hearted and full of life. You wouldn’t be surprised to see welcoming smiles greeting you all around town.

The fascinating life outdoors at Norilsk

Trips and tourism into the intriguing Norilsk Mountains and Tundra is famous amongst locals, who gain a sense of adventure and sightseeing of the city’s beautiful geography. Skiing, ice skating and mountain hiking are other forms of outdoor activities to indulge in. Norilsk Russia is renowned for two of the world’s northernmost parachute clubs, another form of thrilling excitement for Norilsk people to benefit from.

Norilsk - The St. Petersburg of Siberia!

Norilsk as the St. Petersburg of Siberia

The grand display of uniquely designed architectural buildings is what makes individuals link Norilsk to St Petersburg. There are a number of intricately designed Cathedrals and Orthodox churches reminiscent of those in St Petersburg, hence the resemblance is undeniable. Holy Trinity Church and Church of the Holy Archangel Gabriel are few examples. Norilsk architects are in a league of their own, possessing experience like no other. It is this level of skill that is currently being utilized for constructing other areas of Siberia and the Far North.

After looking at the city’s rich historical and cultural background, it comes as no surprise as to why Norilsk is a destination like no other. From the people and places to visit to the city’s magical location, Norilsk Russia is a treasure beyond bounds.