Norilsk Live & Love

Another, more realistic vision of Norilsk.

A place thousands of people call HOME


Norilsk Live & Love

Another, more realistic vision of Norilsk.

A place thousands of people call HOME

Norilsk: Day to Day Live in world's northernmost city.

Another, more realistic vision of Norilsk.

A place thousands of people call HOME


Beauty is what we all yearn for. Beautiful land and attractive nature cause happiness which is more than what money can give. In the extreme conditions of Norilsk, you may find all of this and more.

Have you visited a place where everything glitters yet it is not gold? Where everything reflects and not due to mirrors? Did you experience white snowy nights and northern lights while sipping hot chocolate and have an array of urban activities to check out for whole week? If not then is it is time you should know stunning Norilsk.

Norilsk, Russia – the Siberian City with a Twist

Near the Arctic Circle, at the east of River Yenisei, lies the mesmerizing city of Norilsk Russia. The Aurora borealis metropolis with holds around 175000 permanent inhabitants and the population is reached to 220,000 when temporary residents are added to it.

Norilsk Russia is placed between the central Siberian plateau and western Siberian plains. The Putoran Mountain is 5600 feet long and Norilsk city is situated at its foot.

The highlights of this breathtaking city are that major deposits of Nickel are buried under its soil. Due to which smelting and mining ore are the main industries of this city. The minerals like palladium, platinum, cobalt, copper, and nickel are mined in this region.

It is known for more than two centuries that mineral deposits are present in Siberian Crayton yet the mining process started in 1939. It happened when buried segments of Norilsk-Talnakh infringements were originated beneath.

What is cool about Norilsk?

The best thing about Norilsk is white nights. It is the most remarkable and noticeable phenomenon. The sun never goes down the horizon, and there is a small difference between night and day during summers. Winters have only 3 hours of sunlight while rest of the hours it is snowy eves.

Norilsk is the coldest region in the world with the average temperature of negative 10ºC. The winters prevail for ten months in a year that is why residents of Norilsk can differentiate between 13 shades of white.

Another cool thing about Norilsk weather is its spring summers season. This is the time of year where you can enjoy the awesomeness of Aurora Borealis spread on the night sky of Norilsk.

Nature tourism is on its peak during spring summer season of Norilsk and a huge number of night sky watchers go camping at the lake banks under the colorful sky of Norilsk.

Norilsk Weather

Unlike other arctic cities, Norilsk is an exception of having moderate climate just like any other Siberian city.

Besides, the arctic breeze swirling around the city and the white nights are the true beauty of Norilsk weather.

Yes, Permafrost happens, however, most of the city buildings have been built with the advanced standards to maintain the comfort and safety, while others are up for the updated renovation.

The secret is quite simple! The well-maintained town planning and building standards. And, the citizens of Norilsk wear super warm clothes. People here use especial garments for performing activities outdoors as well as indoors.

Children love to play a game during the windy months in which they take their friends into the wind. Then they compete among themselves as who is going to fall first due to fast speed of the wind. It makes them have some fun in the windy season.

Norilsk in Siberia

When I read about Norilsk, it is about how cold this place is. Well, it is stupid to expect otherwise as this city is in Siberia.

Norilsk is located in Siberia, and here you will experience cold weather. You must know this fact!

This information has been ignored by many media which is a big reason of people being unaware of the real situation in Norilsk. It is time we educate masses about how Norilsk is on the road to progress and development.

Winters are beauty, no depressing

No matter how much the temperature is low, the Siberian Norilsk weather holds a unique beauty in it. You may think to live under -55ºC is a total suicide while others may think it to be a most depressing city on earth. However, after seeing the beautiful images of Norilsk, you will think twice before declaring anything like that.

People of Norilsk invade streets even if the temperature is freezing cold. They keep themselves active and enjoy. They find it a good reason to go out in winters and have some fun in streets. They find something exciting and charming to do even in the white Norilsk nights.

For those who think everything bad about Norilsk, it is noteworthy that people even arrange outdoor festivals to celebrate their traditions. One such traditional festival is Great Argish. Also, modern music of this regions causes the dance floors flooding. 

You may think living in Norilsk is difficult which is so not true.

The number of people facing deaths due to extreme weather conditions is far higher in New York as compared to Norilsk.

Norilsk Russia – Not only low temperatures

Nature offers beauty without any payment. This is the story of Norilsk which is famous for its industrial activity and low temperature.

Norilsk bright colored buildings are covered with ice glitters like exquisite stones of Atlantis. The streets are fully covered with ice with a touch of snow on the windows, doors, roofs and light poles standing in every corner.

Every step you take in this place you will feel like being covered in a blanket of splendor.

You will feel being engulfed in heaven in split seconds. Love is in the air here. Lovers cuddle each other in freezing cold and walk through icy streets discussing future and even present.

You will find frozen lakes nearby. Behold by the beauty of silent rivers and lovely iced up streams. The feeling of running on frozen water is just awesome.

Nature in its un-ruined form is the best sight, and here in Norilsk, it can be seen in while walking through the frozen forest.

You will see a dazzling dimension of nature on this breathtaking journey amid the woods. 

Lifestyle of Norilsk

Beautiful features, tall, dark, and loving the Norilsk people are one of the fun-loving and kind-hearted individuals in the world. When you walk on the streets of this city people here are bound to greet you with big and happy smiles.

They know how to enjoy while doing indoor and outdoor activities. The highlighting part is their education system. They love books and do not deny reading. An average Norilsk citizen read up to 7 books each month.

They also love theatre and drama. A lot of theatre in the country plays entertainment plays staged for residents. Cinemas are even going high in popularity.

Norilsk People – A Big Hearted Community 

Norilsk people love to give back to the community in the form of services and aid. They have an inner drive to help the ones in need and provide the poor. This drive is unwavering and high all the time among elderly and youth. The volunteering is on the go in the past as well as in the present.

The best part is that education and healthcare system is free in this city. A lot of people possess a degree, and most of the people possess creative abilities and great intellect. After all, Russia tops the chart of education throughout the world.

There are many languages being spoken and cultural facilities are huge. People of Norilsk give great importance to values and morals. They are understanding, cordial and sincere who are proud of their upbringing and heritage.

That is why the lifestyle of Norilsk is one of the great examples of discipline and modesty.

Norilsk is a gorgeous place where nature cheer ups the day. It is a home to happiness and full of gorgeous lakes and mountains. Do experience beautiful Norilsk.